The Last REAL Black Leader


“1. The truth he teaches is too unpleasant to hear, and the complacent, both Negro and white, don’t want to hear it, nor do they want anyone else to hear it.

2. He stirs up the masses of Negroes in a way no one since the heyday of Marcus Garvey has done in telling them to stand up and be men!

3. They cannot break up his ever growing following without starting major race riots and other outbreaks which would be political suicide for any official to attempt at this time or at
any time in the future.

4. Muhammad is independent. No white money backs him. No white man calls the shots as to what his organization can demand from him as an accounting of his stewardship. This, he says simply, he owes only to his own people.

5. He teaches race solidarity and unity. He preaches that the Number One motto of black people everywhere must be “all for one and one for all” if the race is to lift itself by its own bootstraps from the mess of ignorance and slavery it is in today.

6. He sees what others cannot see. Unlettered as he is, Elijah Muhammad has the uncanny but God-given ability to accurately prophesy about the future. His knowledge of the true history
of world’s black people is awesome and comes from years of concentrated study and research. That is why he is called the Messenger of Allah.”

7. He steps on too many toes. Truth is impersonal and a two-edged sword cutting down the lies, deceits and half-truths with equally emphatic swipes on all sides. Muhammad tears the veil of falsehood aside and exposes the phonies, the fearful and the mountebanks among both Negroes and whites.

8. He teaches Negroes to first love one another. This perhaps is the phase of his teachings that has aroused such widespread criticism that he teaches his people to hate the white man.

Muhammad says “you won’t have the capacity to love anybody else if you concentrate all your love on your fellow black man. If the white man shows so little love or even respect for the black man, he points out, why should Negroes spend so much time running around begging their brothers to love those who do not have the same measure of regard or love for blacks?

9. He gives the little Negro true leadership. This tenet of Muhammad’s credo is also widely seen as a source of the general jealousy of him held by Negro politicians, social workers and sonic ministers. For until Muhammad came along, only an isolated few Negro organizations, including churches, had the time of day for the largely illiterate, poverty-stricken, superstitious, exploited masses.

Instead, the concentration was on improving the conditions of living of the high school and college educated middle-class Negro; the well-to-do policy kings and real estate insurance and funeral tycoons were wooed and the “nickel and dime— Negroes shooed away to the tender mercies of store-front church preachers or sidewalk soapbox orators.

10. He has had the courage to open schools of his own in order to prepare young Negroes for what they must face and cope with in making a better world for themselves and their descendants.

Up to the day he opened his first University of Islam, in Detroit, the only Negro owned and operated schools and colleges were backed by such church groups as the African Methodist Episcopals, the Baptists and a few other denominations.

Muhammad’s Universities in Detroit, Chicago and elsewhere have highly trained faculties and are distinguished by the fact that children in the third grade are speaking Arabic fluently and working difficult problems in Algebra!

11. He lifts up Negro women and removes them from the status of being prostitutes for white men. This startling development in the Muhammad program is unprecedented, for “Scarlet” women “saved” by the churches always carry the stinging distinction of their former lies.

Muhammad relieves them of all disgrace and gives them a new life based on purity and self respect. At the same time, he makes it mandatory that his male followers honor their own women as individual examples of virtue.

12. He goes among the fallen of his people and redeems the wino, the alcoholic, the narcotics addict, the prostitute, the sidewalk hoodlum, the thief and the profane.”

– words of Dan Burley (Journalist “New York Amsterdam News” and “Ebony”)320314_420206278038899_793021296_n

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