The Nation Of Islam’s Own “Dijjal” Or “ Anti-Christ”, Louis Farrakhan

579980_3600348891565_953763108_nThe Nation Of Islam’s Own “Dijjal” Or “ Anti-Christ”, Louis Farrakhan
By , Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
4, November 2012

In The Name Of ALLAH , The Beneficent , The Most Merciful , Who Came To North America In the Person Of The Great Mahdi-Master W. Fard Muhammad , To Whom ALL Praise Is Due Forever. And in the Name of ALLAH’s last Messenger-The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

“The idolaters have no right to maintain the Mosques of ALLAH , while witness to disbelief against themselves. These it is whose works are vain; and in the FIRE will they abide.”—Holy Qur’an 9:17

For the past 37 years the Lost & Found Nation Of Islam has been governed by one of Satan’s emissaries , an actor by the name of Louis Eugene Walcott , aka Louis Farrakhan , aka Alim-Abdul Farrakhan , “The Charmer” .This man has shown himself to be the Nation Of Islam’s very own Dajjal or Anti-Christ. Some people believe that the Dajjal or Anti-Christ is one man ,this is the literal view that most Muslims and Christians take. The Wise have a inferential view of who is the Dajjal or Anti-Christ, reading between the lines, one who is wise will see the hidden or dual meaning of the title Dajjal and or Anti-Christ. The Dajjal is said to be an impostor , false savior, a false prophet, a lier, one who says one thing and does another. This has been the history of Mr. Farrakhan since 1975. Once a great speaker on behalf of the Nation Of Islam before the passing of Messenger Elijah Muhammad on 25, Febuary 1975 , Farrakhan is now being classed as the Cheif of the Hypocrites with his last and greatest manifestation of evil , his move to “marry” the Chruch of Scientology to the Nation of Islam! Over the past few years Farrakhan has also gone so far as to say he is the “Messenger of ALLAH” , now bear-in-mind that Farrakhan’s ” ALLAH” is not the ALLAH taught by the Messenger Elijah Muhammad for 44 years, Farrakhan’s ” ALLAH” is the Messenger , whom Farrakhan has claimed to be the “Exalted-Christ” .
Now, sensable people know that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) passed away in 1975 , yet Farrakhan has been teaching this falsehood for over 30 years , as Farrakhan well knows that the Messenger is dead , but Farrakhan knows also that Black People are a spooky people , prone to superstition , the side-effects of 400 years of being taught “Christianity” by the Whtie Slave masters who never gave the Black Nation the real meaning of “Christianity” in the first place. Farrakhan began teaching this lie , with the help of Mr. Bernard Cushmire , who now calls himself “Jabril Muhammad “. Here is yet another hint into Farrakhan being a Dajjal, as he is claiming to be a “prophet” and Jabril is the Angel that reveals to Farrakhan his true mission. A mockery of Islamic tradition concerning the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Angel Jabril who revealed the Holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad over a 20 year time frame. So , Farrakhan not only mocks the Prophet Muhammad , he also mocks the Last Messenger, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (pbut). This Big Lie was indeed adressed by the Late Blood Brother of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad , Minister John Muhammad over 25 years ago in Vol. 1 No.2 of The Journal Of Truth , January 1985 , pages 30-51. Minister John Muhammad made it very clear in his book that his brother was indeed dead and that those who were teaching this lie should offer proof of the Messenger being alive. Minister John Muhammad compared what Bernard Cushmire and Farrakhan are teaching to a warmed over form of Christianity’s teaching on the return of Jesus. The Messenger wrote that Jesus was only a Prophet of Islam and was not going to return , because He is dead and in buried in Jerusalem , a fact known by the Pope of Rome and High Level Freemasons and Shriners.
Before I go any further , we need to look at the Meaning of the titles of “Dajjal” , “Anti-Christ” , and “Christ”.
1. Al-Dajjal-the last of a series of thirty Dajjal or “deceivers” (false prophets). Also Gog & Magog or the Western nations of Capitalism & Communism. Or , The Leaders White Race as a whole.

2. Anti-Christ-The Western World ,who has had a long history of being opposed to Freedom, Justice & Equality among themselves and the Darker nations. Example: World War I was called “The 1st Anti-Christ War” , or the war between Christian Europe and America. The Americans and their European kin-folk are called Anti-Christ beacuse they have been against the government of the true God of the Black people , who is ALLAH. Which brings us to:
3.Christ—The Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught for 44 years that the “Christ” and the “Mahdi” are one in the same Person. Christ means ” One Who is coming at the end to Crush the power of the Wicked or the Infidel White Race.” The Christ is the Crusher of the Wicked. The Messenger taught that Jesus (Isa) of 2,000 years ago was not the Christ , only a Prophet who was 2,0000 years ahead of himself. Jesus taught the coming of the “Son-Of-man” (The Mahdi)as being the Christ. And for 44 Years The Messenger taught that the Great Mahdi-The Christ-Son of Man-The Christ is Master W. Fard Muhammad , whom the Holy Qur’an 22:54 speaks of.
This shows that Mr. Farrakhan has been teaching something TOTALLY against Islam as taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. If we look deeper into what the people would see under the rule of the Dajjal , we will find more proof of Mr. Farrakhan being a Dajjal:
1.People will stop offering the prayers
2.Dishonesty will be the way of life
3.Falsehood will become a virtue
4.People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
5.Usury and bribery will become legitimate
6.Imbeciles would rule over the wise
7.Blood of innocents would be shed
8.Pride will be taken on acts of oppression
9.The rulers will be corrupt
10.The scholars will be hypocrites
11.There will be acute famine at the time
12. There will be no shame amongst people
13.Many people would worship Satan
14.There would be no respect for elderly people

All of the above has happened under Mr.Farrakhan’s leadership of the Nation of Islam. This was planned in a FBI Memo dated 7, January 1969 concerning how the FBI was going to destroy the Nation of Islam from with-in using the FBI agents with-in the Nation of Islam.
Here is said memo :

“Counterintelligence Program (FBI File Date: 01-07-1969)
SAC, Chicago (157-2209) January 7, 1969

Director, FBI (100-448006)


Although the Nation of Islam (NOI) does not presently advocate violence by its members, the group does preach hatred of the white race and racial separatism. The membership of the NOI is organized and poses a real racial threat. The NOI is responsible for the largest black nationalist newspaper, which has been used by other black extremists.

The NOI appears to be the personal fiefdom of Elijah Muhammad. When he dies a power struggle can be expected and the NOI could change direction. We should be prepared for this eventuality. We should plan how to change the philosophy of the NOI to one of the strictly religious and self-improvement orientation, deleting the race hatred and separate nationhood aspects.

In this connection Chicago should consider what counterintelligence action might be needed now or at the time of Elijah Muhammad’s death to bring about such a change in NOI philosophy. Important considerations should include the identity, strengths, and weaknesses, of any contenders for NOI leadership. What are the positions of our [BUREAU DELETION] informants in regard to leadership? How could potential leaders be turned or neutralized?

The alternative to changing the philosophy of the NOI is the destruction of the organization. This might be accomplished through generating factionalism among the contenders for Elijah Muhammad’s leadership or through legal action in probate court on his death. Chicago should consider the question of how to generate the factionalism necessary to destroy the NOI by splitting into several groups. [BUREAU DELETION]

IJD: ekw

– END PAGE 1 of 2 –

Letter to SAC, Chicago

Legal action against the NOI on the death of its leader depends on the answers to several questions:

1. Does Elijah Muhammad have a will?

2. Is the NOI incorporated?

3. In whose name and where are NOI bank accounts?

4. In whose name are other NOI assets, such as mosque buildings, school buildings, the newspaper, Elijah Muhammad’s homes, and NOI businesses?

Depending on the answers to these questions, probate law in Illinois, and whether Chicago might have a confidential source in probate administration, tying up the NOI in probate administration might be possible.

Chicago should examine the NOI from the above counterintelligence angle and advise the Bureau. Consider the possibility of drawing up specific counterintelligence recommendations, to be acted upon when necessary, with various contingencies covered.

– END PAGE 2 of 2 -”

By reading the above memo , and studing the movements of Louis Farrakhan , Bernard Cushmire, Silis Muhammad , Marvin Muhammad , Royall Allah, Munir Muhammad , the Late Wallace Muhammad and a few others , we are able to see who helped Satan work against the work of The Nation Of Islam and The Messenger Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Mr. Farrakhan fit the bill as a Dajjal and a Anti-Christ due to his working agaisnt the God of Islam (ALLAH), whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught was and is the Great Mahdi or the Christ. Farrakhan teaches a religion mixed with Christianity-Freemasonry-Scientology , which is Anti-ALLAH in Person. His is making a mockery of the great work of Islam among the Black Nation. Under the Messenger , the Nation of Islam was able to feed 1/3 of the Black population of America. When the Messenger passed in 1975 the Nation Of Islam was worth 80 million dollars , an independent Black Nation within a Nation. Today , after over 30 years of false-leadership the Nation of Islam is not better than a cult , which was the plan of the American FBI. In following essays I will go into this history deeper.


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