A Letter By Messenger Elijah Muhammad(May Peace Be Upon Him)

Some History of Islam in America.
We Praise, Obey, Trust and Serve Our Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad (The Supreme Being)

Letter by Messenger Elijah Muhammad:

(Master W. Fard MUhammad; The Great Mahdi)

To the Ministry Class of No. 1 Michigan by Elijah Muhammad, Servant of Allah. December 3, 1934

5830 So. Wabash Ave/Chicago, Illinois

Dec. 3, 1934

To the Ministry Class of No. 1 Michigan

“As-Salaam Alaikum

My Dearest Brothers, Followers and Laborers with me in the Name of our Saviour the Almighty Deliverer of the Lost Founds, W.D. Fard Mohammed; whom the world has not known as yet, but will shortly. It is you and I who has said that we know Him and are His witnesses to make known His name among those who are sleeping in sin and ignorance; an who enter the school of preparation that we may be found worthy of Him when He returns to put us on His book as Laborers fitted for the cause of righteousness.

Give ear my Brothers, and listen diligently to these my words and forget them not. Islam is not to be played with and those who teach it must forever be mindful of the LAW, because ignorance of the law is no excuse. Now we are not ignorant of the Law, because we received it not by prophecy nor was it sent to us in a book that we might say we could not understand it or that we failed to receive it. No, but Allah has come to us Himself, to each us out of His mouth in the person of our Saviour FARD MOHAMMED; whom we have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears, and our hands have handled Him lest we have excuses and say He was not real. This blessed and only friend of we who were lost, called me into His ministry in August 1932. Not for the works that I done, nor for the education, for I had neither. But for His own cause, that I should hear the world of His mouth and go and teach others of His Majesty, and wonders that He is about to work in the wilderness of North America where we now live.

He Himself, knowing the times and seasons of all things put upon me a great work to accomplish, but not without a great reward at the end; that is if I keep His Law and Commandments and obey without priding myself against Him who sent me. Now this did He charge me with, to go and make many ministers and send them in all of the cities and teach Islam as He has given it to me. Adding nothing to it, nor even taking a atom from it, lest we dilute His Holy word and be found guilty of falsifying the truth on His return.”



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