Masonic Riddles In Stone Shows That ” 9-11″ Was A Planned Event !!


(WESTERN SIDE of the of Cathedral Of St. John The Divine)

By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) warned the Black Nation and others , that  we cannot imagine the evilness of the American White race. Our minds cannot even think of how LOW this so-called White race will go and have gone in their working of Evil ! They are scientist at being EVIL !
The following pictures will show that the events of 9-11 of 2001 was a PLANNED EVENT , a Psy-Ops programme to wage open warfare on the Black Nation and Islam. The first picture is the cover of   ” THE MASONIC WORLD ” from 1925: 

This was to celebrate the newly buildt   Cathedral Of St. John The Divine , or , ” Church of St. John ”  which is another name of the Masonic Order. Yakub, who was the father and maker of the so-called White Race was jailed  under the Name of ” John ” before he and his followers ( 59,999) were sent to the Island Of Pelan or Patmos  in the Aegean Sea . This is the ” John” who wrote the Book of Revelation telling his ” man-made-man” the white race how they would be removed off the Earth and why.
The white man’s so-called Masonic Order holds many secrets , yet the trained eye can unlock these secrets , many of which is written in stone. With that in mind , lets look at the following picture of one of the columns  on the WESTERN SIDE of the of Cathedral Of St. John The Divine:
Look very close at the above picture. This scene was added to the Church in 1997 , showing the destruction of the New York City and it famous land marks. Notice the falling Twin Towers, again this was added to this ” Church” FOUR ( 4 ) YEARS  BEFORE 9-11-2001 ! Did the Masons know something in advance ? If so, then why didn’t they warn the people of America ? They, ( American Masons ) say they are ” Patriots “,  so if they had information before hand concerning 9-11 they should have warned the American Government. Or, they, themselves were behind the attacks, to use as a cover to attack Islamic world and the Black Nation, to bring in their much talked about  Masonic ” New World Order “.
The Darker Nations of the Earth must  come to KNOW AND UNDERSTAND that the American White Race and their brothers / sisters in Europe and elsewhere will do ANYTHING   to keep and maintain WHITE WORLD DOMINANCE over the Black and other non-white nations, even if  it meant killing mass numbers of people. After all , ” the ends justify the means” , as they ( Masons ) say !
One thing is for sure, NO MUSLIMS carried out the attacks of 9-11 some 10 years ago. There are many who have came forward and proved that 9-11 was an inside job. Many of those who have said this ARE NOT MUSLIMS , one is a former C.I.A employee, named Mr. Ray McGovern. There has also been former heads of state who have come forward saying the same. And , the Muslim world NEEDS TO STOP SAYING THEY ARE SORRY FOR SOMETHING THE MUSLIMS DID NOT DO, when more proof is coming forward that SHOWS the American Masonic Government , or some rouge members of the American Government were the ones who killed 3,000 or so people, 300 of which were MUSLIMS!
Just something to think over as 9-11 ten years after will be here in a few days, something that the racist Whites political parties and their followers are using to cause a fight between Islam and Christianity. Remember, to BEWARE OF FALSE-FLAGS, because the political parties of America are ran by Masons and Eastern Stars, and their, ( Masons) number one ( # 1 ) enemy, according to their own writings is ” Jesus & Muhammad”. Think over that.
 images (20)
(Death Worship Symbol Of The Masons)

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