Re-post:” The Revolts ! ”

” The Revolts ! ” By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
” Now that America is openly backing the very organization she said attack her on ” 911 ” , known as  ” Al-Qaeda ” , under a new name in Libya , I felt that this essay should be posted again. America said she was at war with terrorist , whom she said was behind the 911 attacks and  went to war  with this ” group ” in  Afganistan and Iraq , called the ” War On Terror “. In the BBC report a fews years ago called ” The  Power Of Nightmares ”
a former CIA/ MI6 agent stated that “Al-Qaeda  is a total and complete fabrication, never having existed at any time ” , and that it was  really a group of CIA , MI6 and Mossad assets used to do the dirty work of America , Europe and Israel in the way of causing revolutions in Africa , Mid-East and other so-called ” Third World Nations”.  Mr. Gadffi’s stated that he was fighting Al-Qaeda in his country , that the so-called ” Rebels ” are Al-Qaeda , something the American press has admitted to. America has also admitted that she has sent the CIA to back these ” rebels “.  This should show the World that for the pass 10 years America’s war on Islam and the Black Nation has been one big ” False Flag ” operation , aimed at the re-colonization of Africa and the East , only now White Supremacy is being done in  ” Black face “ ,  as Obama  takes on the  role of ” Black Reagan.”  
(The Messenger Elijah Muhammad)

” When you believe in Islam all the world of Islam will recognize and respect you. Those that you see fighting and killing each other have been duped by the same devil [* Americans & Europeans] that duped you [ * the Black nation]. The White Muslims over there in the east ARE NOT MUSLIMS BY NATURE. They are Muslims BY FAITH AND PRACTICE.  Therefore , is is not too difficult for their kin BY NATURE , white Christians , to set up that which appeals to their basic nature ; THE DESIRE TO RULE WITH IMPUNITY. They [ * Arab leaders] will do anything to keep their power , including making pacts with THE REAL DEVIL [ * the White race]. Some of them are quick to SUBORDINATE THEIR FAITH, when their rule is threatened ; and they call on this Western devil to back them up. They never realize that the root cause of their problems are THE AGENTS AND PROVOCATEURS  of the VERY BEAST that they call on to save them. They forget that the devils plan is to divide and conquer”——–The Messenger Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) , from THE THEOLOGY OF TIME , concerning the subject ” WHAT HAS ” OLD GLORY” GIVEN TO YOU ? “……..”——From The Book The Death Of Satan, pages 200-201 , By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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