By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
{Written March 8th 2011}
( Notice the Fez Of The Messenger Elijah Muhammad, it shows that He was taught the wisdom of the Universe by ALLAH HIMSELF. The Messenger’s Fez has our Solar System upon it) ——————————————————————————————————————— The Original Black Nation of the Earth (THE HOLY TRIBE OF SHABAZZ) , came with this part we call ” Earth” , calling this part Earth after the deportation of the Moon from our Planet 66 Trillion years ago. According to our people , and told to us at the Coming of the Mahdi-Muhammad ( Master W. Fard Muhammad) , the part of the Earth that we now call the ” Moon ” , was placed there by one of our Scientist named Dr. Jatu , it was this God, Dr. Jatu who caused the separation of the Earth and the Moon. The part we now call Moon was once apart of our Earth , Dr. Jatu was dis-satisfied with the people , due to them not speaking the same dialect. We know today that atmosphere causes people who speak the same language to have a different dialect , depending on the where a person lives on theEarth. Example being those who speak English, American English is different in dialect than the English spoken in England.So, according to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) , this God Scientist wanted all of the people to speak the same , and because they did not , Dr. Jatu became mad , and went and drilled holes in the Earth miles deep. Dr. Jatu then filled these holes will 100 % pure dynamite , only 70 % dynamite is used today. Once these holes were filled , Dr. Jatu set them off , a great explosion happened. In the great explosion , Asia ( as the whole of the ” Earth” was called then ) was split asunder , the part we now call the ” Moon ” was sent some 35,000 miles upwards , this part we are on today , the ” Earth ” ,spinning in its own gravitation ( 1,037 & 1/3 miles per hour ) was pull or forced down some 66,000 miles.
While the Moon was traveling upwards , once she got 12,000 miles up she turned and emptied her water on this part we now call Earth. The Moon to this day has no water and is devoid of life. Our Earth has 139,685,000 square miles of water , thanks to the Moon. Which is why the Moon is dependent upon the Earth , the Earth carries the Moon around , which is also why we only see one side of her , we never see her dark side , as she cannot rotate on her own. This is how we came to have our Moon , that now dead part that was once apart of our Planet we now call Earth. The Moon is 2,160 miles in diameter or 1/3 rd the size of Earth .This is some of the Great Wisdom , Knowledge , and Understanding that was given to us at the Coming Of ALLAH in the Person Of the Great Mahdi-Muhammad,The Saviour-Master W. Fard Muhammad  wallace_3.jpg . And this Supreme Wisdom of the Theology Of Time was taught for 44 Years ( 1931-1975) by the Last and the Greatest of the Messengers of ALLAH- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Not only did ALLAH-IN-Person teach us the History of the Original Man’s Home Planet , Earth, Master W. Fard Muhammad and His Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that our Solar System has 7 inhabited Planets. Master W. Fard Muhammad , in His 34 Problem Book names 2 of the 7 inhabited Planets ,other than Earth , which are , Mars, and Mercury. We must not forget what the Holy Qur’an 53:49 says of ALLAH , ” He is the Lord of Sirius ” or
looked to and studied by the Kemetic Black Nation (The Egyptians).Also , we find in the Bible, according to Amos 5:8 , “Seek him that makes the seven stars and

Orion…..The Lord his is name”. ( Think Over These Things)

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