{The following essay was written by an out-standing Young Muslim Scientist of Islam as Taught By the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh). Please read this essay very carefully as it is full of wisdom—Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz}


April 5, 2013 at 11:07am

Salaam Allah! The aim and purpose of this Note (part 2 of 2) is to Show & Prove that Instruction that the Messenger Elijah Muhammad gave to the Muslims regarding the *invocation* of Master Fard Muhammad ultimately leads to the path of Self Realization & Supremacy Activation rather than mental & spiritual subjugation. Please Note that the following NOTE is MY OWN EXEGESIS elaborating on MY POSITION of a specific aspect of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Teachings. All critiques and corrections (if need be) are welcome. 




(Words to define: Invoke, Conjure, Incantation)


553031_278174525650011_437881173_nTHOUGHTS are mental electrical charges generated by the Thinking of the Brain. THOUGHTS of different Persons, places, or things can inspire different feelings in different People. These can be feelings of love, feelings of supremacy (which includes confidence, greatness, strength, wisdom, etc), or even other vibrations such as hunger, sexual arousal, passion, anger, or fear. In some cases – the Name alone of such Persons, places, or things (depending on how influential it is) can inspire such feelings in a Person. When a Person invokes (either by incantation or conjuring the Name of, or by concentrating their THOUGHTS on) a particular person, place, or thing that is identified with a particular feeling – the very invocation of the Person, place, or thing via that Person’s THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) can electrify, energize, excite, or inspire that Person with the feeling identified with the object being invoked. When invoking Supremacy – this can charge You up with feelings of confidence, greatness, strength, wisdom, etc . In other words – “get You amped”. An “amp” is a unit of electrical current. To “amp up” is to electrify, to energize, to excite, and to inspire via electrical wiring. The electrical wiring in the Human anatomy is the Brain & nervous system.



1 /æmp/ Show Spelled [amp] Show IPA


Electricity .




2 /æmp/


1. amplifier (  def 2 ) .

verb (used with object)

2. to excite or energize (usually followed by up  ): We were so amped up for the game that we forgot to eat.



When the associated feeling is Supremacy (which includes confidence, greatness, strength, wisdom, etc) this can be compared to THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) of Your favorite boxer getting You AMPED UP (electrified, energized, excited, or inspired) to want to box, or be a better boxer. Another example would be Your THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) of Your favorite lyricist, writer, emcee, or poet getting You AMPED UP (electrified, energized, excited, or inspired) to want to write, or become a better writer Yourself. OR it can be compared to a Person working on a difficult project who is contemplating quitting. Yet the THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) of their deceased grandmother telling them to “never give up” will AMP them up – thus electrifying, energizing, exciting, and inspiring them to stay the course and complete the project. In this case – this Person’s deceased grandmother served as their “spirit guide”. Not from outside and beyond the graveyard (spooky), but from the inside and within the THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) of the True & Living Allah (YOU) – existing in the Present (scientific).


Here is a classic example. Undefeated heavyweight champion George Foreman – who previously won 40 straight fights, 37 by knockout, was on a 24 consecutive knock-out streak when He faced Muhammad Ali on October 30th, 1974. In Foreman’s previous 3 fights He first became champion when He knocked out undefeated champion Joe Frazier in 2 rounds – a fight in which Frazier went down six times. In His first title defense – He (George Foreman) knocked out Jose Roman in one round. In His second title defense – He (George Foreman) knocked out Ken Norton in two rounds. Muhammad Ali was a 3-1 underdog to the much bigger, stronger, younger, and heavily favored juggernaut George Foreman – Who was on a roll. Muhammad Ali invoked the Name of Allah (the Supreme Being) – which raised His confidence to “Supreme” levels thus removing any fear and doubt. These THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) of the “Supreme” Being electrified, energized, excited, and inspired  Brother Muhammad Ali with the “Supreme” Wisdom and the Power to pull off an “upset” by knocking out the much bigger, stronger, younger, & heavily favored George Foreman in the 8th round.  Of the two fighters – He (Brother Muhammad Ali) became the “Supreme” Allah in the ring that night via His Own FAITH – which electrified, energized, excited, and inspired His Own Supremacy. This made the big & bad George Foreman look like a mere “baby” in the eyes of Bro Muhammad Ali.


Below are the words of Brother Muhammad Ali taken from the post fight interview:


“I proved that ALLAH is God, Elijah Muhammad is His Messenger, and I have FAITH in them. And regardless of the world and the pressure, I made it an easy night. Because ALLAH has Power over all things. If You believe in Him, nothing — even George Foreman will look like a baby!” – Bro Muhammad Ali. Hear it for Yourself!






In My most recent Note (which can be read here!/notes/annur-a-nayyir-allah/master-fard-muhammad-part-one/272658946201569) I shared the “standard” definition of the term “worship” – which is defined as “honor and homage”. I then explained in fuller detail – via the Direct Teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad that the highest form of “honor and homage” a Muslim can give to the Mahdi is to take on the NAME and Way of THINKING of “Fard”, “Fard Muhammad”, and “W. F. MUHAMMAD” and thus reproduce the “Supreme” Allah via Your Own Person – both mentally and physically (Our Saviour Has Arrived pgs 56-57, 126 / English Lesson Number C1 / How To Eat To Live Chapter 20) . This means being “Supreme” in all of Our THOUGHTS (mentally) and Our actions (physically) thus allowing Us to do as the “Supreme” Allah does. Messenger Elijah Muhammad said it like this:


“Allah wants to restore You. I would like to talk with You about the Wisdom of Allah, Who has taught Me. You’ll read in the Bible wherein it says, He wants to restore You. You have lost everything of Self. So now, He wants to restore You back into Self so that YOU CAN DO WHAT HE’S DOING, if We will believe and follow Him. He didn’t come here just to show Us Who He was. He came here to show Us Who WE ARE, and then make Us Rulers. To be Rulers over rulers, You have to have superior Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.” –The Theology of Time: October 8th, 1972.


Messenger Elijah Muhammad said “YOU CAN DO WHAT HE’S DOING, if We will believe and follow Him.” This means that what You read or hear Elijah Muhammad saying of the capabilities (doings) of the “Supreme” Allah are also the capabilities of Your Own Self once You / We apply the “Supreme” Wisdom necessary to remove the limitations (illusions / fear) fed to Us when We were little boys (and girls).  Messenger Elijah Muhammad said regarding the capabilities (doings) of Master Fard Muhammad:


“The Mahdi is a world traveler. He told me that He had traveled the world over and that He had visited North America for 20 years before making Himself known to us, His people whom He came for. He had visited the Isle of the Pacific, Japan and China, Canada, Alaska, the North Pole, India, Pakistan, all of the Near East and Africa. He had studied the wild life in the jungles of Africa and learned the language of the birds. He could speak 16 languages and could write 10 of them. He visited every inhabited place on the earth and had pictured and extracted the language of the people on Mars and had a knowledge of all life in the universe. He could recite by heart the histories of the world as far back as 150,000 years and knew the beginning and end of all things.” – The True History of Master Fard Muhammad.


When an Original Person puts into practice Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Teachings – aka the “Supreme” Wisdom – this identifies them with the NAME, and also the Way of THINKING of the “Supreme” Allah. A Person’s Way of THINKING becomes the foundation for their Ways and actions. This means that the said Person(s) will – in due time –  begin to identify the above mentioned “Supreme” capabilities, doings, & ways and actions with their Own Person, by way of their Own THOUGHTS. Our Messenger – Elijah Muhammad put it in these words:


“When a person gets righteous, God accepts him as His FRIEND. Then the will of each other is with each other. What one wills, the other wills. It is the will of both. The Messenger’s will is in accord with the Will of Allah. The Messenger cannot will something opposed to Allah. Allah has taken over the Messenger’s heart, mind, and brain and Allah is making them to react according to His Will!” – OUR SAVIOUR HAS ARRIVED (Surah / Chapter 26 Titled: The Will Of Allah Is Being Done). Uh oh!!! J


Regarding the “heart, mind, and brain” – Messenger Elijah Muhammad stated:


“As you notice, the effects of THOUGHTS or your THINKING at times has such deep effect on the BRAIN that it affects the surface of your face, skin, and body. Your eyes are also affected by that TREMENDOUS THOUGHT or WAY OF THINKING that you have as it acts upon your BRAIN. Allah (God) makes it very easy in the next life. You will be happy all the days that you are in it. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that ‘He causes the righteous to grow into a new growth.’ The basis or pillar of that new world is when the old mind has been changed to a new mind or our THOUGHTS are changed to a NEW THOUGHT or NEW WAY OF THINKING which brings about a CHANGE of the WHOLE BODY.” – OUR SAVIOUR HAS ARRIVED  (Surah / Chapter 23 Titled: He [Allah] Makes All Things New) by Messenger Elijah Muhammad.



Our heart, brain, face, skin, and whole body are composed of trillions of cells. Although the Original People knew this – conventional scientists have only recently discovered, and are now beginning to say that Our cells respond to Our THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges). What does this mean?


When an Original Person begins to identify the Name, “Fard”, “Fard Muhammad”, and “W. F. MUHAMMAD” along with the Way of THINKING, and the above described capabilities (doings) and powers of the “Supreme” Allah with SELF – these “Supreme” THOUGHTS (mental electrical charges) “Supremely” electrifies, energizes, or AMPS UP the very cells that make up the organs that compose of their whole entire Anatomy. All of Our cells are products of the THOUGHTS that We Think, the Air that We breathe, the Water that We drink, and the (Solid) food that We eat. This includes Our Brain & reproductive cells (THINK on this)! Limitations (illusions) that were once imposed on the Brain will gradually begin to vanish and disappear. The Children who come forth from the seeds (reproductive cells) that are produced by these THOUGHTS, and their children and so on – are further advanced with each generation. This “Supreme” and limitless Way of Thinking is complimented & further enhanced in Our individual lives with the raising of Our Vibration via the “Supreme” dietary law and holistic way of living that was prescribed to Us by the Mahdi-Allah (Master Fard Muhammad) & His Messenger (Elijah Muhammad).


The invocation of, as well as taking on the Name, and way of THINKING (not mere believing), and putting into practice the Instructions (obeying) – of Master W. F. Muhammad – via studying the Lessons, observing the dietary laws & way of living (Islam) that He gave back to Us is not for vain or spooky purposes. “Oh Master Fard Muhammad, please bless me to hit the lotto or drop a ton of cash from the sky on my head so I can buy a pay off this mortgage!” Unfortunately there are some Muslims who actually believe and think like this. They have merely replaced white Jesus with Master Fard Muhammad – which is idolatry & merely Christianity all over again. All of the above is designed to electrify, energize, activate, and maximize Your very Own Supreme Being (Being Supreme) with the “Supreme” Wisdom, confidence and motivation to go and get Your Own money :-)! You are already “Born” Supreme by Nature. All of the above is intended to make YOU “Supreme” in all Your activities and make You into a Master as well so that You (Allah) can accomplish and bring forth all that You Will into existence Yourself. “What is his OWN self?” To “own” is to exercise sovereign control & mastery over. This can be observed only by the genuine, and careful study & application of all of the Master Teacher’s Teachings & Instructions via His Last & Greatest Messenger – Elijah Muhammad.


The Messenger said that there is just as much evidence that the Mahdi-Allah – Master Fard Muhammad – would NOT return as there was that He would. He did not expect Him to return “in that way” – meaning in Person. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad said that He would send His “Angels (sincere practitioners of the Messenger’s Teachings) to see that His Guidance is carried out like He Taught the Messenger to do.” (Our Saviour Has Arrived pg 108). Instead of looking forward to seeing Him return in Person – see and Realize the “Supreme” Allah in Yourselves, in each other, and in Your seed (lineage)! All Praises Are Forever Due to Allah – Master Fard Muhammad!


“You are walking around looking for a god to bow to and worship. You Are the God!” – Messenger Elijah Muhammad

“You are the Righteous, the Best, and the Powerful.” – Master Fard Muhammad


My name is W. F. M U H A M M A D


Bro An’Nur Ali Nayyir Allah


Copyright (c) 2013 by ALL THINGZ NU BUSINESS



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