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“The Death Of Satan”, By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana, By Cynthia McKinney

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by Cynthia McKinney

“The war machine of the United States, Israel, and NATO will continue to roll until we stop it.  The Bolivarian Alliance countries of Latin America are showing us the way – that we can achieve democracy and self-determination and liberation with ballots instead of bullets.”
The World Needs Peace – But Not a Pax Americana
by Cynthia McKinney

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who last week completed a peace mission to Syria along with former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark and others, made the following remarks to the IBON IBON Conference on Democracy, Self-Determination and Liberation of Peoples. The conference was held at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

Thank you for the invitation to be with you today.

This conference is about Democracy, Self-Determination, and popular liberation.

As a representative of the United States people’s movement for justice and peace, I want to start by acknowledging some facts about the practice, as I know it, of one form of “democracy.”

How can any country that refuses to accept responsibility for its past of Continental or global expansion obtained through genocide of indigenous people be democratic?

How can any country that reaches the zenith of economic might by stealing Africans and transporting them around the world in a network of human trafficking that constitutes to this day an unrepaired crime against humanity be considered democratic?

How can any country that continues the global pillage and theft of human and mineral resources for the benefit of a few people–even at the expense of its own people–ever be considered democratic?

It is right and fitting that we are here in the seat of European power, where the crimes against the people of Congo and the murder of their first elected leader were sanctioned.  And its continued grandeur is obtained through the outright theft by a few in the name of the many of that country’s and that Continent’s diamonds, gold, gems, coltan, timber, fauna, and its best and brightest brain power.  Private and national fortunes continue to be made from this legacy where, in practice, nothing precious on this planet is exempt from full exploitation.

The life and murder of Patrice Lumumba should be a ringing example – a symbol – of the kind of democracy that is meant when people who have no history of respecting democracy for others mouth even the very word.  While Lumumba’s life was snuffed short, those complicit in his murder lived long ignominious lives, never called to justice.

And instead of atoning for the past by adopting a new way of living, a new way of being that respects human and earth dignity and improves the lot of others, the national splendor, that we see around us, right here in Europe and extending to their cousins across the Pond, built on crimes against humanity, genocide, murder, and theft become temples of worship for all of humankind.

But we must not forget.  We must never forget.  And we must not allow them to forget.

So, when they come to us with their platitudes about democracy—even when they do not practice it at home – yet want to export it to the rest of the world through the barrel of a gun, why should we believe them?

By their very actions, they do not provide models of leadership for us that instill confidence in them.

We must question everything we are told by them.

They come to us with their platitudes about democracy—even when they do not practice it at home – yet want to export it to the rest of the world through the barrel of a gun.”

In September 2001, we were on the verge of winning a huge cultural struggle:  to change the global culture from exploitation by a few to respect for the dignity of the many peoples of the world.  I was there.  I saw people from all over the world come together in celebration of each other and our common struggle for dignity and justice and freedom.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was but merely a set of words until we tasted the right of self-determination established therein.  And that’s what Durban was all about:  extending the right of self-determination to everyone on the planet.

On September 8, 2001 we celebrated a milestone.  Despite all of the odds against us, we succeeded in having a successful Conference.  The world of people of color was there—and I was there, too.  I was a Member of Congress then and had fought the pro-Israel Lobby in the United States to have U.S. representation in Durban, so that we could talk about us with us.  I presented facts about U.S. repression of the Black struggle for self-determination and liberation to Mary Robinson, then United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.  And despite the boycott threat, everyone in attendance was happy to see the United States there and accounted for.

On September 10, 2001 while we celebrated a fantastic result in Durban, over 100,000 shares of American Airlines stock was bought and earlier in the month, United Airlines stock had been traded.  Now, we all saw what happened on September 11, 2001.  The new social and cultural order that was about to take off in celebration of humanity came crashing down with New York City’s Twin Towers.  And a world of war, death, and destruction has been unleashed against the very people who celebrated victory at Durban.

The war machine of the United States, Israel, and NATO will continue to roll until we stop it.  The Bolivarian Alliance countries of Latin America are showing us the way.  That we can achieve democracy and self-determination and liberation with ballots instead of bullets.  Just this week, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced that Bolivia was going to file a lawsuit against the United States for its aggressions against Bolivia and Venezuela.  Brazil’s President postponed a state visit after learning that her phones have been wiretapped by the United States.

In Latin America, freedom and justice and dignity are rising; and we, especially those of us in the United States, must support them.

And Asia is rising.  84% of the world’s population are saying no more domination in our own lands.  Asians increasingly recognize that they no longer need to be subservient to “the West” which seeks to dominate by its use of weapons of war.  The “pivot to Asia” masks the geopolitical strategy of continued world domination by the 16% who now rule at the expense of our rights—including our most precious right of life without wars of aggression against us.

Finally, as an African American who is a child of the Civil Rights Movement, let me say categorically that the U.S. President betrays the legacy of the leaders of slave rebellions and of the Black struggle to be free with every U.S. bomb dropped, every veteran maimed, every child killed that he authorizes around the world.  The time for peace is now.

And I will close with this, the words of our late assassinated President, John F. Kennedy, who just months before he was murdered said:

“What kind of peace do we seek?  Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war.  Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave.  I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children—not merely peace for Americans, but peace for all men and women—not merely peace in our time, but peace for all time.”

Yes, it is true.  We in the United States once had a President who spoke of peace and mutuality and respect.  He was killed by snipers’ bullets just months later.

Let me add here that I just returned from Syria, going there with a U.S. delegation led by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.  The effort is real to turn Syria into a Libya.  And then, after Syria, the drums of war will beat against Iran; and then after Iran?

They won’t stop until we stop them.

We know the path that we must take.  For if a President who wanted to take the path of peace could be killed in public like that, just imagine what they will do to us.

I am pleased to be a part of this important Conference.

Stay strong, my brothers and sisters and know that there is a community of Americans who are with you!

Thank you!

Cynthia McKinney can be contacted at

Concerning Rogers, J. A. (1880-1966)

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{ J. A. Rogers, for Me, was the greatest Historian/Scientist of Black History, only the Messenger Elijah Muhammad surpassed Him when it came to teaching the History of the Original Man (The Black Nation!  Please read the following which comes from “”}


Rogers, J. A. (1880-1966)

Self-trained historian, novelist, and journalist Joel Augustus Rogers spent most of his life debunking pseudo-scientific and racist depictions of people of African ancestry while popularizing the history of persons of black people around the world. Rogers was born September 6, 1883 in Negril, Jamaica. He and his siblings were raised, after their mother passed, by their schoolteacher father, Samuel John Rogers.  Rogers emigrated to the United States in 1906 and Joel Rogers became a naturalized citizen in 1917.  Rogers lived briefly in Chicago before eventually settling in New York City.

Joel Rogers held a variety of jobs including a Pullman porter, and a teacher, but eventually found his niche as a journalist and historian. In this capacity, he began to focus on combating what he saw as white racist propaganda history in both books and popular films and other media of the period that omitted persons of African ancestry as contributors to world history. Towards that end, Rogers in 1917 published his seminal work, From Superman to Man.  In this work Rogers had his protagonist, a racist Southern senator, realizing finally that he was only a man, create a Hollywood film studio that would produce films that highlighted Africa’s gifts to the world.  Subsequent Rogers books also dealt with this theme including 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro  (1934), Sex and Race Volume 1 (1941), Sex and Race, Volume 2 (1942); Sex and Race, Volume III (1944); World’s Great Men of Color (1946), and Africa’s Gifts to America (1961).

By the 1930s and 1940s Rogers was writing history columns in a number of leading black newspapers including the Pittsburgh Courier, Messenger, Crisis, Mercury,and the New York Amsterdam News.   Typical of such articles was his 1940 piece in Crisis titled “The Suppression of Negro History.” Rogers was present at the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1930 and five years later covered the Italo-Ethiopian conflict as the war correspondent for the Pittsburgh Courier.

Although Rogers had no formal educational degrees or training in established academic programs, he was widely recognized for his professional excellence and intellect throughout his career.  He belonged to the Paris Society for Anthropology, American Geographical Society, and the Academy of Political Science; in addition, he was also multilingual, mastering German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

Joel A. Rogers wrote anti-racist history using universal humanity as his theme until his death in New York City on March 26, 1966.  His wife Helga Rogers continued to re-publish Rogers’ works for some years after his passing.

W. Burghardt Turner, “J.A. Rogers: Portrait of An Afro-American Historian,” Black Scholar (January-February, 1978); Malik Simba, “Joel Augustus Rogers: Negro Historian in History, Time, and Space,” Afro-Americans in New York Life and History, vol. 30, no.2 , July 2006; Thabiti Asukile, “Joel Augustus Rogers: Black International Journalism, Archival Research, And Black Print Culture,” Journal of African American History (Special Issue “To Be Heard in Black and White: Historical Perspective on Black Print Culture”), Vol. 95, Nos. 3-4 (Summer-Fall 2010); Thabiti Asukile, “J. A. Rogers on ‘Jazz at Home’ and Jazz in Paris during the Jazz Age,” The Black Scholar: Journal of Black Studies and Research Black Issues, Vol. 40, No. 3 (Fall 2010)

Book Of The Week: “Africa’s Gift To America” By J. A. Rogers, 1961

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{Did you know that the first Slave-ship from England was name “The Good Ship Jesus”? Did you that the Cities of Chicago,IL & Denver,Co were founded by Black Men? These are just a few Historical Facts that American schools seem to want to over look. Africa’s Gift To America is a true MUST READ for today’s Black Youth & their Parents!}   450034 380053699721-2

Part 4 Of Minister Dawud Muhammad Interviewing Min. Ahmed K. El-Shabazz .(Oct. 30th, 2013)

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If I Was A Devil, By Ha’shim Muhammad

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{The following essay speaks to how the Black Nation in America and elsewhere have been, and still are treated, by the so-called “White Race”.}


IF I WAS A DEVIL, By Has’shim Muhammad

December 23, 2012 at 3:10pm

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would hide the true identity of God .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would say you could never see God .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would say heaven is in the sky and hell is the ground .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would preach in the churches and the temples seeking whom I may devour .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would put my face on the currency And say in god we trust .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would say you can’t question God .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would say live your life as you want to . Because jesus christ died for your sins .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would make it a law to never mention the word of God in schools . Only on Sunday between 10am- and 1pm

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would encourage homosexuality . Beastuality . I would protect child molesters and petafiles . I would encourage same sex marriage .

IF I WAS A DEVIL : I would hide the TRUE identity of the people of God . And make them worship me . And make them sale their souls to me . And give them my religion . give them my name . Manipulate them to kill 1 another in my name and in my image $.

___________________IF I WAS A DEVIL________________


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Aug 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM
“Allah Created from Darkness
The Holy Quran
6 He created you from a single being, then made its mate of the same (kind). And He sent down for you eight of the cattle in pairs. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers — creation after creation — in triple darkness. That is Allåh, your Lord; His is the kingdom. There is no God but He. How are you then turned away?
Our Saviour has Arrived
The God was not just created out of the darkness, but He became and is that very darkness with the power that produce the atom.

Imagine, you close your eyes now; imagine the whole entire visibility of the Universe is gone from you. This is the way He was born; in total darkness. There was no light anywhere. Out of the total orbit of the Universe of darkness there sparkled an atom of life. Once upon a time; but don’t ask me when it was.

How could that atom of life make a record of it’s own creation? It could not write it’s own creation, the record of it, because He was the First; there was no recorders around Him. He was First to record His Ownself. How long was that? We can’t tell; we weren’t there.

He was the only One in the whole entire dark Universe. He had to wait until the atom of life produced brains to think what He needed. How long was that? I don’t know, Brothers. But He was a Black man! Coming out of total darkness at that time, we all could say that we are produced by a white God.
But there was no light nor any white anywhere; there was All Darkness. So God revealed to me.

In that Darkness, which had no end to it there – that Darkness Created an atom of Life, and the Color to be the Color had to be Black, as there was no light; therefore, it had to be the Color of the thing that Created it! All Praise is due to Allah!

Our Saviour Has Arrived
This is like the Creation of us. In the beginning, the God Who Created Us had no material to use to begin a creation. He Had only Himself. Therefore out of darkness and the thoughtless and invisible He Brought Out the Visible Vision and Thought and Idea.

He Made a Brain which had the power to cover the sphere of our thinking and to produce from that thought what image or vision that the brain cells could conceive.

These things at that time were all new; there was no plan or universe except His. This is our Father, the Black Man, the Maker.

As you notice, the effect of thoughts or your thinking at times has such deep effect on the brain that it affects the surface of your face, skin, and body. Your eyes are also affected by that tremendous thought or way of thinking that you have as it acts upon your brain.”—-From “The Death Of Satan”, By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz, page 239.