One Reader’s Review Of “The Death Of Satan”

It is getting closer, “The Death Of Satan”. This book (The Death Of Satan) was written to bear-witness to the teachings of Islam as taught By the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him). And to show and prove that what Mr. Muhammad taught and the events that followed after the passing of Mr. Muhammad are leading up to the death of Satan’s rule over the Planet Earth.
Mr. Mustapha Amin wrote: “”The Death of Satan” is a MUST-HAVE for all truth-seekers, muslims, christians, hindus, jews, masons, atheists…

This BIG book features more than 250 pages loaded with information and secret facts which the ruling powers always tried to hide! It is a collection of articles, letters, reports, historical facts and images which all bear witness to the GREAT HIDDEN TRUTH we all should know.

Read about the true history of the Black Nation, white race, America and the world, and how current events are manifesting a universal change.

After reading this book, I found answers to many of the questions I always had in my mind. All I can say is: This book is a mighty weapon in the hands of all true freedom-fighters!

5 STARS!!! ” —-Get Your Copy Today. Just $15.00

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