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MAKING HISTORY The CD, By Aleena Zahir

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“Rarely are we graced with an exquisite and melodic voice in these trying times, coupled with actual lyrics that are poetic and profound. Although much of the rap/RNB music today is passed off as art and music, it no longer has the savor it started out with. The commercialization has in affect made it simply another tool of exploitation. This is not so with this album, MAKING HISTORY. Finally, real music.

Aleena Zahir has not only brought a bright and promising voice to the forefront, but she has set the bar high with significant and relevant messages in her music.

It is time that we stop saturating our minds with baseless and corrupting lyrics that simply keeps the corruption of the mind intact; in other words, no more bubble gum for the mind. This album illuminates, educates and invigorates the mind to learn, remember and act.

After reviewing pre-promotional material, I was very impressed with the whole project. More importantly and interestingly, Aleena Zahir is from Uganda and given the power and universality of the message to the Blackman, I was not surprised at the effect the Supreme Wisdom is having on her and consequently the effect she is having on the rest of us, especially here at Secretarius MEMPS.” -Minister Nasir Hakim, Founder of Secretarius MEMPS





Book Of The Week(11/24/2013-11/30/2013): Pre-Adamites, By Alexander Winchell

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0056-001 The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) taught the Muslims that the Black Nation Is the Original Nation, The Very First People, and that “Adam” was the White-Race who was not on Earth until 4004 B.C.  Here is what they did not teach you in school!

Sunday Movie:Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture Of Washington, D.C.

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Book Of The Week(11/17/2013-11/23/2013) “The Two Babylons”

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download (3)Learn the real origin of “Christmas”. The Messenger Of Allah; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) taught that Christmas , December 25th, is really the birthday of the evil ruler Nimrod. Here is the proof!!!

“The Death Of Satan”, By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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Arm Your Mind!
“*The Death of Satan* is serious! Not only do I recommend every Muslim in the Nation of Islam read it. But every Black Man, Woman, and even Child should read it. It contains an abundance of information that in a unique way brings the reader up to speed with the changing times – without compromising the Message & Spirit of the Messenger’s (Elijah Muhammad’s) Message at the same time! Great work! More Muslims need to write more books like this. As-Salaam Alaikum!”—–Brother An’Nur A-Allah 


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Book Of The Week: Golden Age Of The Moor.

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{The Black Nation once ruled the whole World, up until 1, January 1492! This Book is a true MUST READ. The Black Man (Nation) were not always “Slaves”, Our History did not begin with Slavery under the so-called White Race in America!}

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