The Genesis Years Unpublished & Rare Writings of Elijah Muhammad

{Thanks to Mr. Saladin Shabazz-Allah for sharing this. }

The Genesis Years Unpublished & Rare Writings of Elijah Muhammad 


{Messenger Of Allah 1959-1962}
Page 143 to 163


Let us take a look at some of the disgrace that White America has committed against you, my people, an then let us look at the things they are doing now.

We know that during the Civil War, Negroes went into battle with their slave-masters fighting to keep their south land enslaved. They felt as though they were justified. Their slave-master taught them that he {slave-master} was fighting for what was right. He still thinks the same today.

Though uneducated, they {slaves} were like machines controlled by the white man. now, even though the south lost the war, they continue to control the Negroes. It was through the Negro Congressman, who were elected during the Reconstruction period following the Civil War, who helped pass many of of the so-called”Jim Crow” laws.

Today, the south still use these laws against our people. Don’t get angry with them, for they thought that by passing those “JIM Crows” laws, they were protecting their people from the white man. But time is funny thing, for those laws reversed when the white man began to gain political office-by using fear and force on the potential Negro political officer seeker. He formed the three “K’s” and with that, brought death to our people. You know that through fear, you can gain control over people and that control can be used to a person’s advantage.

As the white man gained political control, he constantly passed state laws to make the Negro {even though they were freed by the Federal Government} feel as though they must still depend on the white man,. He set up his religious churches {Methodist and Baptist} but they too were still separated.

They taught the Negro their religion{Christianity} so you could look to him for dependence. now, he is still trying to make you dependent on him by saying, “I will give you Civil Rights,” but he is still trying to make you dependent on him by saying, “I will give you Civil Rights,” but he thinks you don’t realize that that he promise you those rights when the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments, for Civil rights were passed in 1866. Well , it has been approximately 100 years now and he still says, We will give you rights but don’t be in such a hurry.

Brothers and sisters, how much longer do we have to wait – another hundred years? I say, White America doesn’t want to give us complete freedom, justice and equality,. They don’t to give us a piece of this country where we can have what so many of us died on the battle fields of their country {Civil War} and Europe for; a part of this country where our future kind can enjoy freedom, justice and equality and have and economy of our own; a country where we can worship in the true religion of our fore-fathers, which is Islam.

Islam is the only true religion of God {Allah}. It is the religion of all His Prophets, from Adam to Muhammad. Teach this [Islam} to your brothers and friends, your children and their children’s children.

Build your future on freedom, justice and equality. Build it on part of this good earth that we can call our own! Be “Freedom Riders” on your own soil! Seek to mix with your own black kind keep your identity from being destroyed by the devils {white man}. All they want to do is destroy your identity by offering you token integration. 


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