An Open Letter To Louis Farrakhan,By Cynthia X (Williams) of New Jersey

An Open Letter To Louis Farrakhan,By Cynthia X (Williams) of New Jersey

{All Muslims who know the truth MUST stand up to the enemies of the Islam , no matter how ” big” they may seem,  just as this Sister did . This is a open letter from a Muslim Sister to Minister Louis Farrakhan ( Abdul Halim Farrakhan ). This letter was addressing Mr. Farrakhan , but this letter also applies to ALL of those who are mis-representing the Teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad ( pbuh). We Muslims must fight ALL enemies of Truth , even when they look like us. }

An Open Letter By Cynthia X (Williams) of New Jersey
ASA Bro. Farrakhan:
I am troubled and deeply pained.
Imagine if a Believer was knocked unconscious in 1994 and woke up in 2009?
Imagine that same Believer slowly re-acclimating oneself to the Messenger by listening to Theology of Time series, watching the interview of the Messenger by Irv Kupcinet and Buzz Anderson, then studying the Messenger’s 1958 Birth of a Savior.
Now imagine that same Believer seeing the current edition of the Final Call “Can America Win” featuring a white soldier holding a gun on the front page.
Bro., Where is Elijah?
Ohhh, I found him: Page 19 Prayer in Islam; Page 28 Fasting and Eating Right Foods.
Is this really adequate?
Is this enough Teaching for the Snoop Dogs, Foxy Browns, and the remainder of our Dumbed Down Black populace?
I saw something on YouTube where you decried anyone making you into a punk.
Well, why depict Elijah as a old relic of the civil rights era; as if Elijah is relevant only to topics of food and prayer;
your paper just punk’d the Messenger of Allah.
Where are Elijahs Teachings about the reality of God Allah, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad in the Final Call?
Where are Elijahs Teachings about the Original Man and the Colored Man/Yacub’s Grafted Devil?
Have you and your followers become ashamed of Elijah?
Why do you have “followers”?
Aren’t the people whom you minister to suppose to belong to Master Fard Muhammad?
Why have you not kept Elijah out Front as all the Ministers were instructed in 1965?
The instruction hasn’t changed.
You do still take instructions from Elijah don’t you?
Our people are more depraved, savage, and vulnerable than ever.
You self appointed yourself to lead the NOI after pledging allegiance to the Hypocrite and Defamer Wallace Deen.
The Believers forgave your Hypocracy when you pledged to re-build the NOI with our help.
Instead of manifesting the Messengers characteristic Humbleness and Fire (that consumes false teachings and the Liar),
I heard you say you are Wise. I listened to you say, you were a General and had manuevered to keep us from being slaughtered.
You make yourself a rival with Master Fard Muhammad by using such language. The Scientists saw no end to His Wisdom, so to style yourself as Wise and a General there must be evidence to support this, but as the Messenger taught, what would another one teach you? We only need to echo the Teachings and practice the Program.
It is only the Son of Man who controls who lives and who perishes.
All you had to do was be a faithful and parrot of the Teachings of the Messenger. This is not an insult but a high compliment to anyone who maintains fidelity to the Teachings from God Himself against the onslaught of the forgetful, silly, and jealous orthodox muslims, and the Devil.
The Messenger and Allah are inseparable, Allah made His Choice in 1931.
I chose you as my leader in 1980 as the National Representative of THEM at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts in Boston.
Yet by 1994 the Spirit of the Messenger departed from me with help from you going off course derailing the Teachings and not keeping the Messenger out front.
The Million Man March has become the Million Man Corpses. The stench of death envelop Black people everywhere in America because our Men are not functioning like the example of the Messenger and our women are the Devils handmaidens.
We are decomposing while we live. Poison food, poison air, poison medicine, bad housing, low education, single mothers who can’t teach anything to the “future”, marriageable Black men in prison confinement, non-stop computer game playing, endless filthy dancing, and so on and so forth.
So under your leadership, instead of making me study the Messenger I spent countless hours trying to grasp your new teachings in the series, “Self Improvement the Basis for Community Development”, oh, and the Number 19 as if I were in seminary school. It was sterile and non life giving and I faded. I probably would have fought the good fight if the Teaching remained consistent. I don’t know for sure. But those endless Bible verses were not helpful. Young people have to be put to work to see how you grow and nurture business and self independence. I went from Muslim novice to Christian theology scholar. Definately not what I signed up for.
What I should have been studying is what Master Fard Muhammad instructed, not your revamped version of the wheel.
What MFM gave Elijah in 3.5 years lasted Elijah 44 years. How then do you stand up in 1977 or ’78 and switch out teachings a few years later. You didn’t re-capture what was squandered and given away by Wallace. Until you could match the Messenger, all you had to do was aide us in catching up to where the NOI left off.
Orthodox Muslims. Their non-acceptance of Master Fard Muhammad and Elijah is of no consequence; they control nothing in Allah’s heaven and earth.
Ramadan is in December. Allah did not give you Authority to Change or Alter what He deemed appropriate for the Black people in America in terms of fasting from spending, drinking, and hog eating all in the name of a righteous prophet Jesus in the month of December.
Bro. how were you able to embrace and praise Wallace Deen when he sent you and a whole generation of our people back to the vomit of spirit worship, forbidding the Messengers books, sending us into empty rituals, dependancy, and seeking nearness to our open enemies of 400 years? But even more important, how do you embrace someone who tried nearly all his life to humiliate and hurt the man giving life to the dead Black Nation and gave life to You? Allah does not love His Enemies. Are you more magnanimous than Allah? Of course not, so you embraced Wallace Deen for a reason known only in your bosom.
Wallace never recanted or asked forgiveness. Why are there no articles in your Final Call examining The Time? The Son of Man? Do you not care you are aiding in Depriving Black people the knowledge of Self, God Allah and the Devil though you have a medium to educate Black people about Elijah?
Do you realize by omitting the Base Teachings that God is a Man and not a Spook, and the caucasian is the Devil who continues to visit horrific Evils upon the defenseless Black People, you are complicit in sheparding the Black people of America to Destruction?
Warning to the Orthodox Muslims who seek to Deprive the Messenger of what Allah gave him which is the Authority and mission to preach Freedom, Justice, and Equality to the deprived Black people in America.
The Orthodox Muslims, with your blessings Bro., returned us to worshipping a Spirit/Spook to make us unworthy and to prevent us from getting out of the way of Allahs Destruction.
Master Fard Muhammad’s destruction of America was delayed to give an opportunity to teach us and then get us out of the way of Allah’s chastisement on America and the rest of the white Devils along their Black sympathizers.
Are you trying to win friends and influence people by denying Elijah and the “Separation or Death” that he taught?
Why not trumpet and promote Elijah?
He overcame the slanderers and Hypocrites(Kallatt, Malcolm, and Wallace Deen et al).
His example of non-stop Nation building to doubting Black people proving “Yes We Can” long before it was co-opted by the chameleon half-original Obama (who wont even speak one word nor commit any federal resources to Black concerns). But you know what Bro. my pain is easing and my fire is increasing. If Allah is indeed Oft-Returning to Mercy, than by making me to know the the Coalition for the Remembrance of Elijah (C.R.O.E)is that mercy to me. Now, I do not know how my story will end, but I do know I haven’t felt the Spirit of the Messenger until CROE. They are the archive for the history of the NOI and an institution of Higher Learning.
I’ve been “processing”. What this means is CROE insists that our people need to know Elijah’s Teachings to the fullest. They promote Black people having a direct relationship with the Teachings without anyone’s slant, bent, interpretation, or coloring. They remove conscious and unconscious barriers that would interfere with getting the Root knowledge, the Teachings.
This includes personality worship or depending on a personality to give the teachings life to a student. It’s like the old Kung Fu t.v series, when Kane could walk across the rice paper without tearing it, he could rely on his own base of knowledge to be self-guided for the remainder of his life.
CROE promotes the Messengers teachings just as He gave it for 44 years.
Its been a quite a journey but I have gotten you, dear heart, Bro. Farrakhan out of my system, and now see the Messenger and Master Fard Muhammad as the sole repository of light, truth, and Real Love.
I missed an opportunity to learn the Messenger when I was an impressionable teen under your direction. With CROE I get that chance to learn again. The Messenger said on 11/11/62 that the Devil would have a hard time trying to extinguish this teaching, “from the East coast to the Gulf coast, to the West coast round the boarder of Canady, you will find little Elijah’s”.
C.R.O.E. is a little Elijah. I want to be a little Elijah. My own independent self. So I study Elijah as I’ve never done before.
I hope it is not too late for me to do something worthy and have some heaven on earth while I live.
As Salaam Alaikum
Your Sis from Boston now in New Jersey
Cynthia X. (Williams)

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