The Moorish Americans , By The Messenger Elijah Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)


Submitted By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
For the record , Master W. D. Fard Muhammad ( The Great Mahdi) ALLAH-IN-PERSON , and the Messenger Elijah Muhammad (pbuh)  WERE NOT members of the ” Moorish Americans ” under the late Noble Drew Ali.
 [ The Great Mahdi-Muhammad , The Son-Of-Man , The Christ, ALLAH-IN-THE -PERSON ]
The Great Mahdi and the Last Messenger Of ALLAH-Elijah Muhammad spoke highly of Mr. Drew Ali and Mr. Marcus Garvey for their work of trying to uplift the Black Nation of America , both men were called ” Fine Muslims” by Master W. D. Fard Muhammad , and history shows that they were indeed fine Muslims, as both men gave their lives in the cause of Freedom, Justice, and Equality for Black Peoples.
If you look at the Wisdom and the teachings that Master Fard Muhammad and the Messenger taught , it does not compare to anything taught by Mr. Drew Ali , because the teachings and the organization of the Nation Of Islam is the Most Profound teachings ever given to ANY Nation at ANY time in the History Of Man. Not only did Master W .D. Fard Muhammad re-introduce the Holy Qur’an to our people here in America after nearly 400 years of being with out our TRUE religion , He also taught the very Origin of God  and the Original Man, the Making of Devil , how the Universe came into being, the science of Atoms and their weight , the distance of the 9 planets of our solar system from the Sun ,  the weight of the earth , the speed of sound and light, how to eat to live, etc. , etc.  Mr. Ali did not teach this type of wisdom , nor did Mr. Ali use the Holy Qur’an, because during Mr. Ali’s time the only people with Holy Qur’ans in America were the Arabs and the Freemasons of the 33rd Degree or Shriner-Moslems or Shriners ( Moslem-Sons). It was Master W. D. Fard Muhammad that brought Holy Qur’ans to Black People of America.
As the above picture of Messenger Elijah Muhammad  holding a Holy Qur’an shows.
[  This is the ” Koran” used by the Moorish Muslims under the Noble Drew Ali. This ” Koran” is really the ” Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ” re-written using some Islamic terms ]
Again, the Nation Of Islam looks upon the Noble Drew Ali with much respect for bringing  Islam back to the minds of the Black Nation of America in his own way, but Mr. Ali’s wisdom does not match up to the Supreme  Wisdom of ALLAH-In-Person.
The following is Messenger Elijah Muhammad speaking on the Moorish Americans :
[ The Late Noble Drew Ali ]
The Moorish Americans
By Messenger Elijah Muhammad (PBUH)
” We have a group of Muslims called Moorish Americans. They wrote Me a letter not so long ago saying that they were coming over to join up with us. They waited so long that I wrote and asked them to come on. There were welcome because I have known them for a long time. In Baltimore they stopped Me from coming into a Temple of theirs. In Newark, New Jersey , they rejected Me twice. They were so afraid and jealous of that which Noble Drew Ali gave them that they thought that MY STRONG TEACHINGS OF GOD AND ISLAM may put some of them out of office.
[ Moorish I.D. Card ]
One of their Brothers followed Me out there in Newark and said, ” I just wish I were the Sheik , I would let you teach all night because you were telling us things that we never heard. I know it is the Truth, but our Sheik is so narrow about it that he doesn’t want to hear you say anything. But , that is who we want to say something; the One who knows more than we. ”    I said , ” That is the way it should be.”
I went on for another year and I happened to be in Hartford , Connecticut , when I ran up on some other Moorish Americans. One Brother took me to his house for dinner. He was a little more common than the other brother and he could reason along with Truth better. After I had dinner with him , he went around and got some of his brothers and had them come to listen to Me talk and teach Islam.
He  wanted Me back the next night and he said that he was going to have a greater number of people. So I went back. The group that second night asked Me to come down to the Temple and let their Sheik give Me a chance to talk to the Temple. I went there and the Sheik told Me I could have something to say but make it quick. So I did just as he told Me. I stood up and saw all those red fezes so that was My subject , right away. They all were real happy.
One older brother sat there and cried because he was so happy for Me to interpret the meaning of his fez. This was Wednesday and they invited Me to come back Sunday. I promised them that I would, and I did go back. The Sheik had a brother down at the door to tell Me that he has changed his mind. He said he did’t want Me at his meetings because I taught some strange teachings. “SOME OF THAT EGYPTIAN WISDOM” , AND HIS FOLLOWERS WERE NOT ABLE TO TAKE THAT KIND OF TEACHING NOW.
So , I went back home. Finally , two brothers came to the place where I was rooming and told Me that the Sheik had changed his mind again and that I was welcome to come into the Temple Of Islam wherever he is teaching , just like anyone else , but I could not say anything. I went , sat down , and listen to him like any other visitor. When I went back to my room , some of his followers came. They had learned where I was rooming and they came to ask Me if I would come and talk to them at a brother’s house. I said , ” yes ” and I did so. The brothers wanted Me to come back the next night also , so I went back to talk with them again. They began to like Me so well that the chief , hearing that they were listening to Me teach at a brother’s house , sent a warning out against the brother. I stayed around there and listened and the brothers came over. They would not accept his warning.  I all but got the house of the brother so full that they could not find standing room because they wanted to hear. One or two of the brothers said, ” If we had a Sheik like Him , we would get some place. ” I listened to him and I knew he was right. They were very nice to Me.
ALLAH told Me to go ahead and teach them whatever they would like that I teach them. I must say that I have a lots of  experience among different groups of people, not only trying to teach Islam , but other teachings also. I would go around to see what was going on and I learned a lot about our people in those days. THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHO I WAS. I would tell them that My name was this or My name was that. I carried a little notebook around with Me so that when I reached a city , I would remember what I told them My name was. “

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  1. Islam. Very well said my Brother

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    What page can I find this on
    In the Theology of time

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