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Book Of The Week(12/29/2013-1/4/2014)

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New World Order or Old Order Wearing New Clothes?

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Oct 8, 2009  From Salaam Journal. org By Ahmed KEl-Shabazz.
New World Order or Old Order Wearing New Clothes?
 {Much has happen since I wrote this essay some 4 years ago.}
Salaam———In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful——”The Devil is the devil irrespective of time or place”–The Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH)—This “New World Order”, this “Orwellian” nightmare, was announced some 16 years ago by the father of the current ruler of America, President George Herbert Walker Bush in the chamber of the U. S. House Representatives. The last world leader to announce a New World Order before George Bush Sr. was Adolf Hitler, who’s Nazi Party was aided by the Prescott Bush(and other Masons). It was Mr. Prescott Bush who was later indicted and charged under the Trading with the enemy act, as Prescott Bush was running a Bank that was handling a money laundry operation for the Nazi Party of Germany. Who was Prescott Bush? Well, he was the father of Pres. George H. W. Bush and the Grand father of the current ruler of America.—-
It was the Bush’s “Skull and Bones” and other Masonic groups that help bring Hitler to power, it was called the “Hitler Project”.—–Master W. Fard Muhammad-the Great Mahdi said that, “America and Germany were the worst of the white race”.——
This New Order is nothing new at all. For the past 110 years America has over throwned 14 countries and removed the leaders of those countries, so “regime change” is not new. In the late 1890′s America started down the road of empire, taking Cuba, the Philippines, Porto Rico and other lands from the half-original country of Spain. America then took the Hawaiian Islands from the it’s King and Queen(who were Asiatic Blacks). America, at the that time(late 1890′s) also waged open war on the so-called American Indian Nations in the western part of America,  called the “Indian Wars” and let us not forget it’s never ending war on the Black nation, America’s “ex-slaves”. While America was killing Blacks and “Indians”, America had her eyes on controlling the East, and made it clear to the world that she had the “right” to do so. As stated in the Chicago Times-Herald at the time, “We find we want the Philipines….The commercial and industrial interests of America, learning that the islands lie in the gateway of the vast and undeveloped markets of the Orient…….We also want Porto Rico….We want Hawaii now….We want the Carolines….If we do we will take them….Much as we may now deplore the necessity for territorial acquistion, the people now believe that the United States owes it to civilization to accept the responsibilities imposed upon it by the fortunes of war”—-Sound familiar?—-Black men who fought in these wars, helping the Globle White Supremacy movement, were as deaf, dumb and blind then as those who are fighting today in the Army of America! Those Black men some 110 years ago were mostly ex-slaves or freeman who thought that by fighting for America that one day they too would be accepted by the counrty they were fighting for. Well they were wrong then and the one who are fighting today for America in Iraq, etc.,  are wrong to-day.—
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Here is an example, when America was fighting Spain to take the Philippines, Black soldiers were used. The Spainish called them “Negretter Solados’”, one of these Black soldiers by the name of William Simms, a soldier who fought in the U.S. 10th Cavalry wrote, “……a question a little boy asked me, which ran about this way, ‘Why does the American negro come….to fight us when we are much a friend to him and have not done anything to him. He is all the same as me and me all the same as you. Why don’t you fight those people in America who burn Negros, that make a beast of you…?’ “—-Sound familiar?———
Now there were some Blacks that did fight on the side of the Muslims of the Phillippines, but thats another story. America lied to go to war with Spain, by saying the Spanish sunk a U.S. ship of the coast of Cuba, it lied to go to war in Vietnam, and it lied to go to war in Iraq. So, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) stated is true, “the devil is the devil irrespective of time or place”, and we, the Black Nation of America should be scientist at knowing the lies and the tricks of this beast! We should not fight for them, while they have done and still to this day are doing EVERYTHING to keep us down. We should stop being used as tools and fools for their “New World Order”, an Order that doesnot include us nor ANYONE of Color! We need to form working group with other oppressed people HERE and elsewhere. And we will, with the HELP OF ALLAH!.——–
So, is this a New World Order or the Old Order wearing new clothes? It is the same old game under a new name, with the same old rules, rules that this generation of Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow,( Nations who have suffered under both “Orders”) will break!—-There will be a New Order, but the White Race will not be the rulers of it, nor will they be in it!——-ALLAH-U-AKBAR!!!

The Blinding Light Of Islam Extinguished !!

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Real Talk From an ” Orthodox ” Muslim !!!!

As-Salaam Alaikum——The Hon. Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) said that one day the ” Arabs” would come around to understanding the “New Islam ” Holy Qu’ran. I am seeing this Myself, here is an example of what I mean”

” The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind. ” -Abdun Nur J       ——-

560375_143957262417774_602871791_n(The Last Messenger Of Allah; The Hon. Elijah Muhammad, taught REAL Islam, not what We see today)

Written by Abdun Nur J
44:58 Thus, then, (O Mahammad) We have made this Qur’an easy to understand, in your own human language, so that people might take it to their minds and hearts.

The Qur’an is the example of Mohammed.

Mohammed without exception destroyed Hadith on sight, as did the first four true Caliphs.

Islam is simple. Hadith is complicated.

Religion needs Hadith,

Islam does not need religion.

All Hadith is unmitigated conjecture.

The Qur’an is a complete book; you need no other guide

Hadith creates division, forming sects.

The Qur’an creates unity, the brotherhood of Adam.

Hadith creates miracles, contradiction, mysticism, and confusion.

The Qur’an creates clarity, without contradiction.

Hadith makes the guidance of the Qur’an hard to understand.

The Qur’an free of the confusion of Hadith is easy to understand.

Hadith has extinguished the blinding light of Islam from the world.

Only true Muslims can rekindle the light and guide the family of Adam back to the illuminating light.

The confusion of Hadith has allowed the Christianisation of Islam.

The return of the Qur’anic Islam is the future. Religion is without value and must be disregarded, as there is no God, without which you can have no religion.

Worship is a Christian concept; ask yourself, why would the conscious energy of unity need the worship of anyone or anything.

Allah needs nothing but you need Allah.
To be in submission to the concepts and principles as expressed within the Qur’an is not for Allah’s benefit, it for yours.

The Qur’an is a guide for you, not for you to placate Allah.

I’m glad you are taking the time to read words, a rare thing indeed, most seem to see but not look, hear but not listen, speak but not act, feel but not empathise, and sadly, live without purpose, understanding, enthusiasm, knowledge or interest in such things.

I view Islam through the Qur’an alone, as an evolving guide, without contradiction or misdirection, a collection of concepts and principles to follow and understand, this is how I view it, not as verses to memorise, or historical events to reminisce over, and so I wish to express a sad and reprehensible realisation.

I have come, (along with many other I would suspect), to the sad conclusion the blinding light of Islam is almost, if not completely extinguished, the name Muslim, is just a name, no longer with meaning and power, all the many
facets, founded in reason, manifest through ‘submission’, are lost.

A religion has taken the place of a Deen, blind faith has taken the place of belief, ignorant ritualistic worship has taken the place of reason, the blind lead the blind in a mockery of the Qur’an, ignorance of the principles and concepts so carefully and completely expressed, rendered to gibberish by the Christianised Muslims.

It must be understood; it would take brave, even fearless individuals to rekindle the light, not a task for a Christianised Muslim. An example of fearlessness would be Mohammed in the establishment of the light of Islam, he was such a fearless and powerful Muslim, and if the Qur’an was understood and followed we would in the world today have engendered true paradise on Earth. This is a very important point, and I wish you to ponder this, if Muslims existed, meaning a person in submission to the concepts and principle as expressed within the Qur’an, why is a form of hell now engendered on Earth?
Why are the people living in misery, exploitation, depravity, hatred, war, starvation; why are they indoctrinated and conditioned, confused by perverted education and tricked by a compulsively mendacious media, convincing you of lie after lie; why do they defend the propaganda, even against themselves; why have the rituals and ignorance returned to the world, that Mohammed fought so hard to remove?

You may call yourself Muslim, yet you do not live in submission to Allah, I know this for a fact, as nobody on earth is today able to exist in this state, no light burns, no soul is free, all are enslaved, even the people that believe themselves to be the slave masters are enslaved, whether they are aware of it or not.

Now I have made the existing situation clear, how can it be remedied?

At the moment a few Muslims are guided, but as a man in a black thunderstorm, in the dead of a moonless night, walking a narrow path, danger on either side, he can only see each time the lightening flashes and can move forward just a little, but if a light were kindled, he would be
guided easily, so the establishment of a single light in the entire world is all that is required.

This on the surface sounds simple, but unfortunately the forces that stand against Islam are very aware of this fact, even if the Muslims are ignorant, they endeavour to extinguish even an ember, they have declared open war on Islam, even though the ignorant Muslims are oblivious of this, they have intentionally and with malice of forethought engineered the eradication of Islam, over the last 1400 years, in its pure and natural structure; unconcealed war is raging around the world, in the final extermination of any glimmer of the glorious freedoms, as expressed within Islam, the natural scalar network system, free of any centralised government, and any leadership structures, died with Mohammad, immediately they ignorantly elected a leader, an office was created and the seeds of the end of Islam were sown. A Caliph is not an office of power; it is simply the succession of a thing, the next evolution.

So we have socially devolved, and the only way to establish a succession of this system is to establish a light, you may not know what a light w
ignorant historical deviations; to seek the truth and gain the understanding of all things of interest or value to you. You, and the Muslims with you, would be a community, living in submission to the Qur’an; simple you may think, no.

A few depraved people control the world, they will not allow this to exist, and this means to create such a community would require very brave Muslims, fearless and determined.

The elite demand sovereignty, and so upon the first step you stumble; as this freedom is absolutely denied, no sovereignty is given to any man, living or dead, the only sovereign would be Allah, who’s sovereignty is expressed comprehensively within the Qur’an.

They demand payment to exist, usury in its many forms, so on the second step you fall to your knees, under the pressure from usurious taxation in tribute to their sovereignty.

They poison the people around you, using their tools of media and propaganda, so on the third step you fall to your hands, having the
communities around you agitated and confused.

They would demand you deny many truths or be imprisoned, so on the fourth step you are on your belly; by refusing their sovereignty and tribute you would incur their punishment, the demands of the elite will never end, their constant pressure will bare down, they hold all the power of their contrived establishments, but a true Muslim knows in this transient world Allah is the true power, only that firm belief would over come these obstacles.

On the fifth step, you would be metaphorically on your face, they intimidate and threaten you with the artificial and iniquitous laws, created to subjugate and control the enslaved peoples; the honourless and voracious, usurious appetite of the legal profession, (more accurately; illegitimate and unethical occupation, been neither legal nor professional), these parasites would be unleashed without obstruction.

These people and their artificial institutions given no authority, no respect, just contempt by every fearless Muslim in unity; as without them being conferred any sovereign power, they can be given no consideration.
Under this assault most would fold and acknowledge defeat, but Allah’s servant will ignore the lies, refuse the commands of iniquity and attempt to rise to their feet and mount the next step, no matter the hardship.

Now as you see it is not such a simple task. The creation of an Islamic community, self sufficient and reliant, able to educate and feed, build and take care of the people of the community, independent of the elites sovereignty and influence is not easy.

I propose that such an undertaking be established, the creation of a new light, if extinguished, another light be established, if extinguished another, until the light burns out without hindrance or let, to make the people see what they can have, what Islam truly is, not what they have got, but what they can escape to; from the example follows the founding of a working model that cannot be denied, but marvelled at, and emulated.

This of course doesn’t mean religious dogma, social repression, enforced abstinence, ritual or insanity of human decree, no doctrine should prevail or even exist except the Qur’an’s guidance, there is no co
The rejection of any fiat money, within the community, refusal to make any transaction with this method of settlement, only exchange of value for value, a chicken for a metal pan for example, or a Durham or Dinar as the basis of exchange, the comprehensive understanding of usury made universally understood, and trade undertaken usury free, the exchange of fiat money for silver and gold been the province, (not exclusive) of the central council, a council that command no sovereignty, allowing them to exchange the fiat money for silver and gold on the open world market, so exchanging the certificate of debt, ( paper money), for physical money of intrinsic value, for as long as this deception of money exists.

The establishment of an Islamic community is a task facing Muslims, not a task facing Christianised Muslims, who cannot transcend the misconceptions of Christianity, or Hadithian Muslims who cannot transcend the confusion of Hadith, the comprehension of Islam as explained clearly within the Qur’an is the first hurdle, from that point the light will be ignited, this is undeniable whether now or far off in the future, this is up to the people with the ability to think.mpulsion in Islam, and complete freedom is the prevailing concept and foundation.
ould be, it is simple; to live in submission to the Qur’an, free of Hadith, religion,
The details and intricacies of the concept could easily be worked out and an Islamic community could be initiated, the most important aspect, as a starting point would be the creation and acceptance of a pledge, an oath so binding it would transcend this life, a pledge to refuse sovereignty to any living person, institution or establishment, upon a critical mass of people signing the pledge, around 5% of the population would be enough, bearing in mind we are only six degrees of separation away from every human being in the world. I have written such a pledge, and will happily provide it to anyone.

4:97 As for those who wrong their own “Self” by not striving until the angels (the Universal Laws of death) approach them, they are asked, “What kept you occupied?” They say, “We were weak and oppressed in the land.” The angels say, “ Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to migrate?” As for such, their habitation will be Hell, a miserable destination.                        —

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.——————————————————————–

—-Now , that You have read the above, You can see that the same Problems that face the Lost & Found Nation of Islam In the West , after the death of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad , also to be found in the East who follow Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbut). The same Masonic-Christians(Juews-Jews) are at War with ALLAH and the Muslims. If only Muslims would wake-up to these facts.

Book Of The Mouth:Message To The Blackman, By The Hon. Elijah Muhammad;Messenger Of ALLAH

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{For the Muslims who follow Islam as Taught by the Messenger Elijah Muhammad(PBUH), Ramadan is December 1-December 31, according to the solar calender of the Black Nation & the Holy Qur’an(Chapter 53). Below is The Message To The Blackman Audio Book. This Book is the Holy Qur’an (A Book That Must Be Read) for Black Nation, to guide Us back to Our The Knowledge Of Self.}