New World Order or Old Order Wearing New Clothes?

Oct 8, 2009  From Salaam Journal. org By Ahmed KEl-Shabazz.
New World Order or Old Order Wearing New Clothes?
 {Much has happen since I wrote this essay some 4 years ago.}
Salaam———In The Name Of ALLAH, The Beneficent, The Merciful——”The Devil is the devil irrespective of time or place”–The Honorable Elijah Muhammad(PBUH)—This “New World Order”, this “Orwellian” nightmare, was announced some 16 years ago by the father of the current ruler of America, President George Herbert Walker Bush in the chamber of the U. S. House Representatives. The last world leader to announce a New World Order before George Bush Sr. was Adolf Hitler, who’s Nazi Party was aided by the Prescott Bush(and other Masons). It was Mr. Prescott Bush who was later indicted and charged under the Trading with the enemy act, as Prescott Bush was running a Bank that was handling a money laundry operation for the Nazi Party of Germany. Who was Prescott Bush? Well, he was the father of Pres. George H. W. Bush and the Grand father of the current ruler of America.—-
It was the Bush’s “Skull and Bones” and other Masonic groups that help bring Hitler to power, it was called the “Hitler Project”.—–Master W. Fard Muhammad-the Great Mahdi said that, “America and Germany were the worst of the white race”.——
This New Order is nothing new at all. For the past 110 years America has over throwned 14 countries and removed the leaders of those countries, so “regime change” is not new. In the late 1890′s America started down the road of empire, taking Cuba, the Philippines, Porto Rico and other lands from the half-original country of Spain. America then took the Hawaiian Islands from the it’s King and Queen(who were Asiatic Blacks). America, at the that time(late 1890′s) also waged open war on the so-called American Indian Nations in the western part of America,  called the “Indian Wars” and let us not forget it’s never ending war on the Black nation, America’s “ex-slaves”. While America was killing Blacks and “Indians”, America had her eyes on controlling the East, and made it clear to the world that she had the “right” to do so. As stated in the Chicago Times-Herald at the time, “We find we want the Philipines….The commercial and industrial interests of America, learning that the islands lie in the gateway of the vast and undeveloped markets of the Orient…….We also want Porto Rico….We want Hawaii now….We want the Carolines….If we do we will take them….Much as we may now deplore the necessity for territorial acquistion, the people now believe that the United States owes it to civilization to accept the responsibilities imposed upon it by the fortunes of war”—-Sound familiar?—-Black men who fought in these wars, helping the Globle White Supremacy movement, were as deaf, dumb and blind then as those who are fighting today in the Army of America! Those Black men some 110 years ago were mostly ex-slaves or freeman who thought that by fighting for America that one day they too would be accepted by the counrty they were fighting for. Well they were wrong then and the one who are fighting today for America in Iraq, etc.,  are wrong to-day.—
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Here is an example, when America was fighting Spain to take the Philippines, Black soldiers were used. The Spainish called them “Negretter Solados’”, one of these Black soldiers by the name of William Simms, a soldier who fought in the U.S. 10th Cavalry wrote, “……a question a little boy asked me, which ran about this way, ‘Why does the American negro come….to fight us when we are much a friend to him and have not done anything to him. He is all the same as me and me all the same as you. Why don’t you fight those people in America who burn Negros, that make a beast of you…?’ “—-Sound familiar?———
Now there were some Blacks that did fight on the side of the Muslims of the Phillippines, but thats another story. America lied to go to war with Spain, by saying the Spanish sunk a U.S. ship of the coast of Cuba, it lied to go to war in Vietnam, and it lied to go to war in Iraq. So, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) stated is true, “the devil is the devil irrespective of time or place”, and we, the Black Nation of America should be scientist at knowing the lies and the tricks of this beast! We should not fight for them, while they have done and still to this day are doing EVERYTHING to keep us down. We should stop being used as tools and fools for their “New World Order”, an Order that doesnot include us nor ANYONE of Color! We need to form working group with other oppressed people HERE and elsewhere. And we will, with the HELP OF ALLAH!.——–
So, is this a New World Order or the Old Order wearing new clothes? It is the same old game under a new name, with the same old rules, rules that this generation of Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow,( Nations who have suffered under both “Orders”) will break!—-There will be a New Order, but the White Race will not be the rulers of it, nor will they be in it!——-ALLAH-U-AKBAR!!!

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