Battle in the Sky! By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

mother-plane-elijah-muhammad-paperback-cover-art{Closer Than You Think}

Battle in the Sky!
By Messenger Elijah Muhammad

Reprinted from the May 25, 1973 edition of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper

The Bible and Holy Qur-an, both books, refer to the final war between God and the devil that would be decided in the sky. The white race was given the authority and power and 6,000 years to rule us, the Black Nation of earth, but at the end of 6,000 years there would be a great time of trouble and a great display of the signs of this final war between God and the white race (the devil).

These signs would serve as a warning to us and what we may expect. And, as we see today, they are coming to pass. And, all of the other signs and prophecies of such signs appearing just around that time of the ending and destruction of the world of evil (the white race) and the displaying of these signs, as Jesus mentioned some in the Heavens and some on the earth; and the preparation to be made for a final battle between God and the devil.

The white man has conquered both land and sea travel. The sea travel. The sea used to serve as a barrier against him. But now the white man has conquered her. The white man now can go over her surface in the worst of storms, and he can go through her with under-surface boats as well (submarines).

Now the white man has cast his eyes into space (the sky), to conquer it, and he is doing that. The white race, having knowledge of what they may expect today, they are spending billions of dollars on space travel. He has brought the moon to him and see some of the stars. The main thing I guess you are thinking is:  Can he win against God, if God and His Prophets have foretold the outcome of this battle in the sky?

It is impossible for the white race to win. What makes it impossible for them to win is because they have not the power of the forces of nature, while the power of the forces of nature is in the Hand of God making it impossible for the white man to win in a war of this sort.

The white man cannot win against the God on earth, so why waste billions of dollars to fight against the God Who Has Power Over The Heavens and Earth? Why all of this hurry to try to ascend into the Heavens for a close-up peek into the planets when you are destined to be defeated? Both books (Bible, Holy Qur-an) prophesy of a great defeat for you. The Holy Qur-an refers to the Heavens as being a “guarded canopy” and, warns you that they have a flame waiting for you.

Also, the Bible prophesies in Revelations (the last book of the Bible), that fire was used to destroy the white race after they ascended on the breath of the earth (air). So we see them going up on the breath of the earth daily. What is their plan for wanting to land on the moon since they know they cannot make the moon their home? The white man would have to continue to live off the earth’s air (oxygen and hydrogen).  


The earth would still have to produce all their food for them. So, it is useless to think of any planet other than the earth as a home for earth people. Then, why are they spending billions of dollars just to go and look at these planets, or to try to land people on the moon? What are their plannings for Mars and Venus since they cannot live on these planets?

Do they think that they could fight God from the moon? Just remember, the old Bible’s prophecy: Thou may ascend above the clouds into the Heavens, but yet I will bring thee down to the sides of Hell. Or, you may go on the bottom of the sea-and that they are doing today.

The Holy Qur-an further says that whenever God gets ready to destroy a people, He opens up the heavens for them and gives them the pleasure of what they seek or lust after. And, then He destroys them.

The Holy Qur-an further prophecies that the Heavens would be open to this people and the veil of every secret would be removed. This prophecy does not mean that the white man will, after that, be able to win against God in a battle between them and God. ”

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