The Death Of Satan By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz   

Why This Book Was Written

“The time given to the white man is up and he doesn’t deny it. He preaches it himself. In the Holy Qur’an it says he tries to clear himself of misleading you: ” I did not call them to go astray. I only called them and they came, I am not responsible, they are responsible.” He goes on to show some of the things he did to try to open your eyes. But he knows that you were not to open them up and he couldn’t tell it as strongly as God’s Sent Messenger because by nature he was made to hide the Truth…..The Truth is his Doom, so never go to him looking for it. He was not made of the material. When he was made, he was made a liar and made to oppose Truth and oppose you who believe in it.”—-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)320314_420206278038899_793021296_n

As a Muslim follower of Islam as brought to North America by ALLAH Himself, THE GREAT MAHDI, Who Came In The Person Of Master W. Fard Muhammad, To Who Be Praised , and taught for 44 years (1931-1975) by the Last Messenger Of ALLAH-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), I am duty bound to speak the truth and defend the Faith no matter whom or what. ” The Truth Is The Devil’s Doom”, as stated in the above quote by The Messenger, this is the main reason why I wrote this book . Because for the past 36 years ( 1975-2011) the Great Truth that was being taught to the Black Nation of America , and the World, has been blocked, watered down, mocked and weakened by Satan/Devil (The White Race) and those who follow him, namely the disbelievers and hypocrites who once followed the teachings of the Great Mahdi-Muhammad and His Messenger.

For some 36 years the Lost & Found Nation Of Islam has suffered from the tricknology of the Devils and the Chief Hypocrites ( Ministers who once followed the Messenger) who sold their souls and have made merchandise out of the people. Some of these ” Leaders” have gone so far as to claim to be “God Himself” , One “Leader” has been teaching that the Messenger is physically alive and has become ” The Exalted Christ”, knowing well that this is an outright lie, since the Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that the Great Mahdi and the ” Christ ” are one the same Person       wallace_3.jpg              ( Master W. Fard Muhammad). Others have laid claim to being a “Messenger” , knowing that the Messenger Elijah Muhammad stated that ” After Me comes God”, and that there was no need of a Messenger or a successor after Him , because He, the Messenger Elijah Muhammad , brought us face to face with God Himself. And , once a Man like the Messenger Elijah Muhammad brought the Black Nation the knowledge of Ourselves, the knowledge of who is God and who is the Devil, it is false to believe and teach the need of someone to come after the Last Messenger Of ALLAH!

On pages 209 and 210 of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s last book to the Black Nation, ” Our Saviour Has Arrived” , the Messenger warned the Black Nation about these evil once followers of His and the other sell-out Blacks (Negro leaders) : ” REBELLIOUS LEADERSHIP ” This independent leadership is for self-exaltation. It is written in both Bible and the Holy Qur’an that all want to be their own leader, all want to be shepherds of the people. They want honor for themselves regardless of Allah’s ( God’s ) warning to them to follow His Shepherd Whom He has Chosen…me. They depend upon themselves and they have nothing and they will never be successful. I do not worry about these little self-guides , self-leaders and self-organizations: I WARN THE PUBLIC. YOU ARE HEADED TO BE BURNED IF YOU FOLLOW THESE SELF-STYLED LEADERS. You may say to me, Muhammad, we think you are self-styled. I say to you , calculate on my work. Allah is with me to enable me to do it. If you do not believe that He is , I still say, you should follow a man who is doing what I am doing since you are not able to do it. ”

Not ONE of these Black so-called ” Leaders” inside the Nation Of Islam nor outside the Nation of Islam has done a 10th of what the Messenger Elijah Muhammad was able to do, and do so with less. The Messenger taught science and built a Nation at the same time. Not ONE of these ” Negroes” who call themselves Leader have come close to the work of the Messenger. I wrote this book to help in the cause of Islam, the New Islam, to help guide the younger people and those who seek Truth back to the Teachings of ALLAH and His Last Messenger.”securedownload

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