Re-Post: No Muslim Should Be Apart Of “Freemasonry”!

No Muslim Should Be Apart Of “Freemasonry”!

By Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

2, February 2014 

” But there are, among men, Those who purchase idle tales, without knowledge (or meaning), to mislead (men) from the Path Of ALLAH (God) and throw ridicule (on the Path) : for such there will be a humiliation penalty.” (Holy Qur’an 31:6)

images (26){This is a reenactment of a Masonic Ritual , as shown in the Movie “From Hell” . This is the “Masonic Death Oath” , something no Muslim can justify taking.}

As shown in the above verse from the Holy Qur’an , ALLAH condemns what can only be described as today’s Freemasonry, from what is being said by the Ethiopian Prophet Luqman (LuqmanAl-Hakim) Peace Be Upon Him. In the above, the quote “purchase tales” stands out, as this is what the Freemason does, He buys (paid money for “Degrees” of knowledge) and also “buys into” or believes , a false myth used to fool or “Hoodwink” Him. The Myth of Hiram Abiff is just that, a Myth, a made up story with a hidden meaning known only to a few wise persons. The average Mason is un-aware of it’s true meaning. Hiram Abiff is a Jewish Masonic Myth that was a replacement of the Kemetic (Egyptian) Story of Osiris.

The Messenger; Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) taught His Muslim followers , ” We [Muslims] bring you (I’m talking about the DISBELIEVERS and HYPOCRITES) that Flag download (12)  and tell you that it is our sign or emblem. You who have studied degrees in Masonry should NOT HESITATE TO COME OVER [ accept Islam]; because We give you more than what THE DEVIL as given you……..Your  Masonry has included the history of your slavery, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW IT. Your first three Degrees takes you into slavery. They are the answer to your slavery IF YOU UNDERSTAND. But not understanding them, as the White man WOULD NOT TEACH THE THEOLOGY of it…” (Theology Of Time). In the earlier writing from the early 1930’s The Messenger Elijah Muhammad called the White man’s freemasonry ” Free-BUY-masonry”.1011888_10201472863328727_498631293_n{ In this issue of ” The Final Call To Islam” the Messenger Elijah Muhammad condemned Freemasonry as “devil worship}. We know today that the Freemason’s “Hiram Abiff ” Stroy is actually a symbolic story of the enslavement of the Black Nation in the Wilderness Of North America at the hands of America , England, and France (Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum) and Our eventual awakening at the coming of the Son-Of-Man (The Great Mahdi-Muhammad). ( For more info concerning “Hiram Abiff”, please read “The Secrets Of Freemasonry” By The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, download (13)and “The Death Of Satan” By Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz)securedownload

The Prophet Luqman also pointed out that such Secret Orders like Freemasonry mocks ALLAH and Islam, as many of the Rituals of Freemasonry do indeed makes mockery of Islam and Black  People. The Holy Qur’an condemns secrecy , yet Freemasonry is totally concerned with secrecy. Islam forbids the hording of Truth and Knowledge from the masses of the people. In Freemasonry only a curtain people are deemed worthy of having knowledge. In Islam ALLAH teaches in the Holy Qur’an that He (ALLAH) “reveals to Whom He pleases” irrespective of Class, Gender or Age! Islam is open to all who seek it, as Islam is the very nature of Man. The White Man’s (Dajjal) Freemasonry makes a false claim of “Universal Brotherhood” , yet the White man’s Freemasonry is not Universal, as it will only take You as far as Australia (according to Messenger Elijah Muhammad) and excludes 90% of the population. Freemasonry is a racist Organization, proven by their oppression against the Black people. Remember, America’s “Founding Fathers” were Freemasons, Indian killers and owned Black Slaves , many of whom were Muslims! Even today, White Freemasons still view Prince Hall Masons(Black masons) as “clandestine” , and don’t mix together with their Black “Masonic Brothers”. Islam teaches, Freedom, Justice, Peace and Equality, something the Black nation did not have until the Coming of The Great Mahdi-Muhammad (Master W. Fard Muhammad; ALLAH-IN-PERSON) wallace_3.jpg and His Messenger Elijah Muhammad.320314_420206278038899_793021296_n

Today, due to Islam  not being taught properly, there are far too many “Muslims” who claim to be Freemasons as-well. They totally ignore ALLAH’s warnings in the Holy Qur’an that Freemasonry is Satanic and of the Devil, ” And they follow what the DEVILS fabricated against the Kingdom of Solomon, And Solomon was a Believer, but the DEVILS DISBELIEVED , teaching men ENCHANTMENT…..And they learn that which HARMS them and profits them not. And certainly they Know that he who BUYS it has no share of good in the Hereafter. And surely EVIL is the PRICE for which they have SOUL THEIR SOULS, did they but know.” (Holy Qur’an 2:102) ALLAH in the Holy Qur’an   further warns the Muslims concerning these “Secret Counsels” that such Orders are used by the Devils to “cause Sin , Revolt, and Disobedience  against the Messenger” (Holy Qur’an 58:8 .

For Muslims to ignore the above verses  from the Holy Qur’an concerning Freemasonry is grave. You are acting like the Jews who “thew the Book of ALLAH over their shoulders as if they knew nothing”(Holy Qur’an 2:101), you must know that ” If you conceal the Truth or Evade it, remember that ALLAH is well aware of what you do”(Holy Qur’an 4:136). Know and understand Muslims that Freemasonry and Orders like it are condemned from Cover to Cover of the Holy Qur’an. Muslims who follow Islam as taught by the Last Messenger Of ALLAH; The Honorable Elijah Muhammad,  should know better, as We were giving the Supreme Wisdom, and nothing is higher than that which is Supreme. So there is no need what so ever for any Muslim to be apart of Freemasonry in any form, from Sufism to Scientology! 

Know well that You have been fooled and must return to what is True, Islam!! Islam is True, Mathematically proven to be true.  Freemasonry is False and Satanic(mixture of Truth and Falsehood). We as a People (Black nation) need to adhere to the Whole Truth, which is Islam as taught by ALLAH-In-Person; Master W. Fard Muhammad and His Last Messenger; the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) before it is too late. Salaam Muslims.


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