World War III At Our Door!

World War III At Our Door!
{4, March 2014}

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Most Merciful,Our Saviour The Great Mahdi;Master W. Fard Muhammad To Whom We Praise, Who IS HERE In Person. And In The Name Of The Last Of The Messengers; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(May Peace Be Upon Him).
“There is still a cold war in Berlin, between America and Russia and in other parts of Europe, to be reckoned with. EUROPE WILL BECOME A DREADED SPOT when America leaves Asia……..Each, America and Russia, the two most powerful war-factors of the world, seeking to maintain their rule over the nations of the earth, and even to conquer out-space. This will not last long.” —The Fall Of America, page 231.

“EUROPE WILL become one of the worse war areas of ALL the world; MORE DREADFUL than Viet Nam and other places that YOU ARE PLANNING to going into. Asia will look like child’s play when compared to WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN EUROPE.”—-The Fall of America, page 204320314_420206278038899_793021296_n(THE LAST MESSENGER OF ALLAH)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are about at the end of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Book “The Fall Of America”.    Fall of America       Today’s head-lines are the very pages of His Great Book! The first above quote from Fall Of America, points to America’s & Russia’s un-settled “Cold-war” that has now become a HOT-War! Notice that the Messenger said Russia, well when this book was publish in 1973, Russia was called the “USSR” not Russia. The Messenger foresaw the break up of the “Soviet Union” as it was called before it happened. And both Russia & America has been in competition to see who can control and rule Our Earth. Both have fought wars against Islam, both Countries have large Muslim populations, both have proven to be enemies of ALLAH!
The Messenger also warned Europe, that Europe will make Viet Nam look like child’s play when war comes to Europe. We are now, today, seeing this un-folded before Our very eyes. In 1973 the Messenger told Us that America would be kicked out of Asia, and in 1973 America was literally kicked out of Asia (Viet Nam). Mind You, The Messenger said this Before America was re-moved from Asia, further proving that His was indeed the Messenger of ALLAH.
We are nearly at the End of the Messenger’s Book, The Fall Of America, the Messenger Warned Us, and stated “The War: America Cannot Win The Victory”. After this War between America, Russia & China, will come “The Mother Plane”.  1085274060_1384167918   The Fall Of America Book is a step by step guide showing and proving that Master W. Fard Muhammad is ALLAH, & that His Messenger; Elijah Muhammad did not lie!
The other day(1, March 2014) , Ruler of Russia(President Putin) has called The Ruler of America (President Obama) “unstable”. Well, both Men are “unstable”, ALLAH has placed confusion in them and has taken the confusion out of the Black nation, because even an un-learned Black Person knows this is the end of the Western Powers!
The White Race’s time was up in 1914(15,000 on Our Calendar ), now, 100 years have passed (15,100) and We have entered the Days Of ALLAH(2012-2032). The Death Of Satan is just around the corner!!!—-ALLAH-U-AKBAR!!!


2 Responses to “World War III At Our Door!”

  1. Mustapha Amin Says:

    As-salaam-alaikum! Everybody should read this article!

    And get the book “The Death of Satan”:

    Time is at hand!

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