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“Allah-In-Person” By The Numbers 144 , 207 & 424.

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“Allah-In-Person” By The Numbers 144 , 207 & 424.

By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

14, May 2018

Master W. Fard Muhammad as taught by Messenger Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is “Allah-In-Person” or Allah Incarnate. Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam, using the mathematical science of “Gematria” or Geometry in language (coding letters and words into numbers), the Title of “Allah-In-Person” equals 144 in *Simple Gematria (English Ordinal). The following also equals 144:
” In The Name Of Allah”, ” Greatness Come “, ” The Son Of Dawn ” The Time Has Come “, ” Great Harvest “, ” I Am Alpha And I Am Omega “, ” Fix The World “, ” Judgement Seat “.
Using Reverse Ordinal Gematria “Allah-In-Person” equals 207, the same as the following: ” God The Father “, “The Spirit of God “, “Faith and Love”.
In Jewish Gematria “Allah-In-Person” equals 424, the same as these terms: ” Endures “, “The Heart Of God”, “He Is The Moshiach ” (Messiah) , ” Right Religion ” The Good Father “, “Polar Shift”, ” The Original One”, “The Force Of Good” , ” God Of The Earth “, and also the term “The Blessed One” .
As You see the numbers don’t lie, they all “add-up” when it comes to what The Messenger Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) taught concerning the History and Work of the Great Mahdi; Master W. Fard Muhammad or Allah-In-Person among The Black Nation in North America. Salaam.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting



The Gutenberg Bible, By The Numbers 33, 322, 45, 57…

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{ The Gutenberg Bible (also known as the 42-line Bible, the Mazarin Bible or the B42 …1st. Published *3/22/1457<<<(Check Out The Date..¬†ūüėȬ†) }
By The Numbers 33, 322, 45, 57…

By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

12, April 2018

{Note: “Gematria” Is Geometry In Language, The Science Of Coding Letters & Words Into Numbers. }
“Good Book”=223*
“Good Book”=*33 (Reverse Reduction English Gematria)
“Bible”=*33 (Reverse Reduction English Gematria )
( In Jewish Gematria)
“Masonic”=223* (Jewish G.)
“The Synagogue Of Satan=223* (English Ordinal Gematria)
“Gutenberg”= 45 (Reverse Reduction English Gematria)
“Jew”=*38 (English Ordinal Gematria)
“Bible”=*38 (Jewish Gematria)
“Scottish Rite”=*57(Reduced)
The Date Of Publishing 3/22/1457 (3+2+2+1+4+5+7=24..The Mirror Number Of 42, As In A “42 Line Bible”…Numbers Don’t Lie, And There Is No Such Thing As A CoincidenceNo automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Concerning The Name “Shabazz”.

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Concerning The Name “Shabazz”.

By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

20, March 2018

Concerning The Name “Shabazz”. The Name Shabazz is the Name of the Ab-Original Black Nation Of The *Whole Of The Planet Earth. According to the Great Imam Mahdi; Master W. Fard Muhammad and Honorable Elijah Muhammad,¬†this name “Shabazz “,¬† belongs to a People/Tribe¬† *before the Tribe of Shabazz¬† 50,000 years ago; who were the Original Civilization builders on the continent of what we call “Africa” today¬†. The *main reason why many Muslims members followers of Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Image may contain: 1 person, hat and closeupcarry the name Shabazz today, We are member of this “God-Tribe”.

*”We were before the planet.”

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught for over 40 years that the Black Nation in North America are the “Original Man”, that “*We were before the planet.” itself. Direct descendants of The Creator Himself, the true “Children Of The Most High”. Messenger Elijah Muhammad also called Shabazz (the Black Nation) “The God Tribe” :

“….the GOD Tribe of Shabazz, who are, as we know today, the so-called Negroes of America, and the Holy Bible refers to them as the Children of Israel. Keep in mind, the words Israel, Hebrew, and Shabazz are all the same. The only difference is that they belong to a different language. And, in order for King James to conceal the truth or true identity of the most talked about people of his book, he wisely used the terms Israel and Hebrew. In the Jewish language, Israel means “Chosen Tribe’. In the Hebrew language it means “Gifted Tribe’ or ‘God’s elect’. In the book of Genesis 15:13-15, it is explained to Abram (Abraham) what will happen to his seed (Tribe). Also, in the book of Malachi 3:8-9, God asked a very important question. So, by reading the Bible very carefully, you will notice that it speaks of one particular people from the beginning to the end. ..”

Looking very carefully¬†at above quote of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, He stated that the “God Tribe” whose¬† real name is Shabazz was hidden in the King James Bible under the names ” Children of Israel”¬† and the “Hebrews” to “conceal the truth…” The Messenger Elijah Muhammad mentioned Genesis 15:13-15 which speaks of the “Seed Of Abraham” being enslaved for 400 years in a “strange land” among “strange people”. The only people who fits this, according to history is the Black Nation of North America. Historians have proven this to be fact.¬† Mr. Muhammad also pointed out that¬† those who call themselves “Israel” (the Jew-ish People/Khazars) today are in fact not who they say they are, but are “The Synagogue of Satan” mentioned in Revelation 2:9, the false “Chosen Tribe” who Isa/Jesus condemns in John 8:44 as not being of Abraham’s seed as they claim, but are in fact¬† “The Children¬†of the Devil”.¬† Those who have “Robbed God” (Malachi 3:8-9).

The Messenger Elijah Muhammad words “We, the so-called American Negroes, are *members , I repeat, from a Tribe of ours by the name of *Shabazz….The so-called Negro, the Black Man, lost and found member of a *great Original Nation, *the first on our planet. The planet *did not come before Us; *We were before the planet.”¬† This can be proven¬†by other means, other than History, Theology, we can also use Gematria or the use of geometry in language used to code letters and words into numbers. We’ll use Mathematics, as Mathematics is in the Universal Order of things. Islam, is, in fact a Mathematical Theology.

The name *Shabazz is associated with the Black Nation of North America. An oppressed people whom the Bibles Psalms *83 mentions in a prayer to Allah (The God) asking for help in delivering *Israel from their oppressors :

O God, do not remain silent;
    do not turn a deaf ear,
    do not stand aloof, O God.
2 See how your enemies growl,
    how your foes rear their heads.
3 With cunning they conspire against your people;
    they plot against those you cherish.
4¬†‚ÄúCome,‚ÄĚ they say, ‚Äúlet us destroy¬†them as a nation,
¬†¬†¬†¬†so that *Israel‚Äôs name is remembered¬†no more.‚ÄĚ

“Israel’s name” ? *Shabazz is that name. Using Simple English Gematria , the name *Shabazz equals *83 :¬†s=19 +¬†h=8 +a=1+¬†b=2 +a=1+¬†z=26 +z=26=83 , the same as the following words : Yahusha¬†(*salvation), *Wisdom and¬† Ben Elohim (*”Sons of the Gods”).

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that the Black nation of Africa were the descendants of the Great Scientist Shabazz¬† from Arabia 50,000 who was Himself from the Tribe of Shabazz. Dr. Shabazz was the “*Wisest of the Scientist” in that day and time. He wanted to make a strong people , but was told He could not do so there in Mecca. So, Dr. Shabazz took Himself and His family to “West Asia” (Africa). This¬† Man¬† (Shabazz) was also a member of the Shabazz Tribe; ” Shabazz Tribe Number 1″. Concerning¬† Shabazz Tribe #1,¬† Mr. Muhammad stated, ” We don’t have a date of His (The Original God’s) Civilization or whereabouts because once upon a time the moon and the earth were together”.¬† Then about 66 trillion years ago, according to Allah-In-Peron the Great Mahdi ; Master Fard Muhammad there was a great explosion¬†that separated the Earth and the Moon. That the Tribe of Shabazz was one of Tribes to escape,¬† that the Shabazz Tribe was the “only scientific tribe”.¬† The Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that it was this tribe of scientist that came after the explosion and restarted civilization, exploring the earth. After exploring the earth, The Messenger Elijah Muhammad wrote that the Tribe Of Shabazz ( “The Original Man”) settled on “the best part to live on. The rich Nile Valley of Egypt and present seat of the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia.”¬†

So, Tribe Of Shabazz is, in fact,¬† the Chosen Tribe, The Elect Of God, The God Tribe, The Sons of The God’s, The Original Nation Of Earth whose salvation is near at hand. Salaam





{False-Flag Shooting By The Numbers: 18 & 141}

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{False-Flag Shooting By The Numbers: 18 & 141}
The Shooter’s (**but there were more than 1 shooter reported) name “Nicolas Cruz” which equals 141 in Simple Gematria (English Ordinal), the same as the term “Harbinger Of Death” also equals 141. The shooting took place on “St. Valentine’s Day”, so We have another “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre “.¬† The “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre happened 99 years ago on 2/14/1929, 9+9=18. They say 18 people were killed, well if You add the date 2/14/2018 (2+1+4+2+0+1+8=18) it comes to 18, and this shooting has been the 18th school shooting this year. This was a “Ritual Killing”, and the term “Ritualistic” also equals 141. <<<This on top of the blatant racism and hypocrisy!Image may contain: 1 person, text

The Black Nation Of North America’s “Holy Qur’an”.

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Available at all bookstores and also at:     Image may contain: 2 people, including Ahmed Elshabazz, text

{The Age Of Master W. Fard Muhammad By The Numbers: 141 ,226 &1167}

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{The Age Of Master W. Fard Muhammad By The Numbers: 141 ,226 &1167}

By, Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

26, February 2018

Salaam—-So, today 26, February marks the birth of the Great Mahdi Of Islam, known as Master W. Fard Muhammad, The Founder Of The Nation Of Islam in 1930. Master W. Fard Muhammad was born *141 years ago in Mecca, Arabia.
When written out the number 141,as “One Hundred Forty One” and used the science of “Gematria” (the science of coding letters and words into numbers) it equals 226 in Simple Gematria. 226 or¬†2/26, that is to say, February 26th is the birth date of Master Fard Muhammad.
Other terms that equal 226 are: “The Manifestation Of God”, and “The Soul Of The World”.
When using Jewish Gematria We find that “”One Hundred Forty One” (141) equals 1167 and the following terms also equal 1167: “Born Of The Holy Spirit”, “Put On The Full Armor Of God”, “The Root Of David”, “God Of Joy” and “Do Not Fear, I Am Your God”.
Now, for those who know the History and work of Master W. Fard Muhammad, We can see plainly that the above all adds up. Numbers Don’t Lie, & There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence. {Note: Remember 114 or 141 are “Re-Recreational Numbers”¬†¬†}

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