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Book Reviews For “The Death Of Satan” , By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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Reviews From Those Who Have Read “The Death Of Satan” By Minister Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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Reviews from those who have read “The Death Of Satan”


“Arm Your Mind!
“*The Death of Satan* is serious! Not only do I recommend every Muslim in the Nation of Islam read it. But every Black Man, Woman, and even Child should read it. It contains an abundance of information that in a unique way brings the reader up to speed with the changing times – without compromising the Message & Spirit of the Messenger’s (Elijah Muhammad’s) Message at the same time! Great work! More Muslims need to write more books like this. As-Salaam Alaikum!”—–Brother An’Nur A-Allah 

“The Death Of Satan” :” In his book, “THE DEATH OF SATAN”, Ahmed identifies the Devil up close and up front. He defines them on all sides of life’s religious spectrum: weather it be on the religious side, Freemasonry, Christianity, Orthodox Islam, or Nation of Islam, yet Ahmed discuses all these topics and more through the Lens of the teaching of the the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh). Weather you agree or disagree with him on these controversial topics Mr. Ahmed has a pure heart with noble and honest intentions to enlighten us all which is all you can ask of any sincere brother or sister. I read and enjoyed his great book very much . By Brother Hakim Zahir


A book that untangles the entanglement!

THE DEATH OF SATAN is coming!!! The Days of Allah are here! This book bears witness!!!

Why is it that America is trying to hide the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s name? Why is it that so many different sects arose after 1975? Why is the so-called western civilization at war with Islam and the darker people of the world? Who is really directing the course of politics? Who is Allah and who is the devil? What time is it?

The answer to these and many more essential questions you will find in this enlightening book “The Death of Satan” by Ahmed K. Elshabazz. Get your copy!–Mr. Mustapha Amin

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Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

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{This Explains How America Of Today Is The Rome Of Yesterday}


Movie Time: Untold History of United States – Bush & Obama: Age of Terror

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By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz


domino2_dees (1)
” America and England deposited their little brother , Israel , on foreign soil , Palestine , which is Arab land. This injustice against the Arabs is now costing America the power and authority that she one exercised in the East. SHE IS ON HER WAY OUT OF THE NEAR EAST. This means bloodshed and plenty of it. In the Near East , there stand navies which are NEITHER AMERICAN NOR BRITISH….THEY ARE THERE TO DRIVE AMERICA OUT.”—–The Messenger Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) , from THE FALL OF AMERICA , pages 171-172.Fall of America

What we are seeing in the Near East was warned of by the Messenger Elijah Muhammad back in 1973 ! In the above from his book , The Fall Of America , you can clearly see what is taking place today. Yes , America and her other evil friends are behind the up-raisings in the Near East , by stirring up the already dis-satisfied populations of those Arab totalitarian nations , who America and Europe have been supporting for the past 40 or so years. So, America as sent in spies and others to use the oldest trick in the book , divide and conquer , in order to take control of these rich nations in the Near East and North Africa .
In the Book , Theology Of Time ,   Theology of Time  the Messenger Elijah Muhammad said the Western so-called White race would trick their Eastern White Arab kin folk ,

“ The white Muslims over there in the East are not Muslims by nature. They are Muslims by faith and practice . Therefore , it is not too difficult for their kin by nature , white Christinas , to set up that which appeals to their nature……..the desire to rule with impunity……….Some of them are quick to subordinate their faith , when their rule is threatened ; and they call on this western devil to back them up. They never realize that the root cause of their problems are the agents and provocateurs of the very beast……….They forget the devils plan is to divide and conquer. “
The White Man knows his time is up and on his way out he is still tring to hold on to power , by making war with the Black Nation and the God of the Black Nation and Our religion , Islam ! This the real reason. The withe man in the West is broke and he uses war as a way to generate money , but this war ( WWIII) he will not be in control of , this war will get of of hand , because this war is in the Hands of The Mahdi-Muhammad . The Messenger Elijah Muhammad warned the Arabs ,
“ I say to the Arab world of Islam , PERPARE YOURSELF for ALL that you hears coming from the mouth of MESSENGER ELIJAH MUHAMMAD here in America. You can accept it or reject it. It Would be good if you accept it . Ohterwise you can reject it and meet the fate of those who before you rejected a messenger because of THEIR PRIDE , FOR THEY WANTED TO BE THAT WHICH THEY WERE NOT TO BE.”——-OUR SAVIOUR HAS ARRIVED, page (2)

The Arab World of Islam rejected the Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s warnings to them concerning this White Blue Eyed Devil of America and Europe . The Arabs rejected the Messenger Elijah Muhammad and the Coming of the The Great Mahdi ( Master W. Fard Muhammad) because of their pride and because the Great Mahdi came to the Black Lost Found Nation of Islam and not them, they were not the ones who stood in need of the Mahdi-Muhammad , and if they understood their Holy Qur’ans they would know that it said the the Mahdi-Muhammad ( ALLAH-IN-PERSON ) would come to a people that no warner had come to before.
Because of the Arab’s rejection of the Last Messenger Of ALLAH ( The Honorable Elijah Muhammad ) they have also rejected ALLAH , to reject a Messenger of ALLAH means you reject the GOD of that Messenger. Now the Arabs are facing that which they made mock of. Messenger Elijah Muhammad warned the Arab rulers ,
” Once the devil is in , he goes quickly to work to set up division and tension , in order to BRING DOWN THE VERY AUTHORITY THAT HE WAS INVITED IN TO SAVE. ” ( Theology of Time )
We are seeing this today in real time , the Messenger said these thing over 35 years ago. For years America acted like she wanted peace between the Jews of Israel and the Arabs , that she wanted the Arabs to have their own state , side-by-side with Israel . This was a trick . Again , the Messenger Elijah Muhammad warned the Arabs not to fall for this trick of the devils , when he said to them,
Since the Arabs rejected the Last Messenger Of ALLAH , the one that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said would be raised up at the Coming of the Mahdi-Muhammad , or has Isa (Jesus) (pbuh) called Him , The SON-OF-MAN , the Arabs must face what they rejected. They did not heed the words of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad which means that rejected ALLAH and are being punished for it. But America will loose this fight in Africa , the Nears East , and Asia , the people of Islam are seeing America as the real cause of their trouble and the Muslims will not only push out their evil Arab rulers , but soon America will be leaving as well.——————-ALLAH-U-AKBAR

The Book ” THE DEATH OF SATAN” ,A Great Saviour’s (Feb. 26) Day Gift !

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As-Salaam Alaikum ! Saviour’s Day is will be here soon. Add this Book to your list of gifts to give your love ones this Saviour’s Day! Get Your Copy Today! Only $15.00 @

securedownload   “The Death of Satan” is a MUST-HAVE for all truth-seekers, muslims, christians, hindus, jews, masons, atheists…

This BIG book features more than 250 pages loaded with information and secret facts which the ruling powers always tried to hide! It is a collection of articles, letters, reports, historical facts and images which all bear witness to the GREAT HIDDEN TRUTH we all should know.

Read about the true history of the Black Nation, white race, America and the world, and how current events are manifesting a universal change.

After reading this book, I found answers to many of the questions I always had in my mind. All I can say is: This book is a mighty weapon in the hands of all true freedom-fighters!”—- Mustapha Amin


Book Of The Week:Anacalypsis: An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Isis Or An Inquiry Into The Origin Of Languages, Nations And Religions. By Godfrey Higgins (1863)

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{ The Following is a Must Read Book, for all students of History & Theology. I have read this Book Myself. }


An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Isis
Or An Inquiry Into The Origin Of Languages, Nations And Religions.

By Godfrey Higgins (1863)

First published 1863. This unique work shows that the Celtic Druids were Priests of Oriental colonies, who emigrated from India, and were the Introducers of the first of Cadmean System of Letters, and the Builders of Stonehenge, of Carnac, and other Cyclopean works in Asia and Europe. This title contains 4 maps and numerous lithographic plates of Druidical Monuments. The author was engaged in researches for this book nearly ten hours a day for twenty years. “Of the author’s portentous knowledge, his powerful critical faculty, his fitness to investigate and elucidate the ancient mysteries of mythology, philology, ethnology, and other ologies, many persons speak with reverence and rapture. But even men of education must admit that Higgins collected a large number of curious and important facts. The novel independence of Higgins’ mind may serve as an example to many readers; the vastness of his learning, the justness of his reasoning, and his critical sagacity, are beyond the ken of ordinary mortals.”

Godfrey Higgins was convinced that a high civilization had flourished prior to all historical records. He believed that there had existed then a most ancient and universal religion from which all later creeds and doctrines sprang.” His research lasted over 20 years. “He attempted to establish the existence of a prehistoric universal religion and to trace its development into contemporary times. He believed this religion possessed accurate knowledge of universal and cosmic phenomena and held neither priesthood nor institution as intermediary in man’s communion with the Divine.”

This highly sought after book is extremely rare. Two volumes.

Partial Contents: Probable Origin of Numbers and Letters; Etymology and its Use; Origin of the Adoration of the Bull, Phallic and Vernal Festivals; Age of the World; First God of the Ancients, The Sun, Metempsychosis, Moral Evil, Buddha, Genesis; The Sun the first object of Adoration of all Nations; Two Ancient Ethiopias, Great Black Nation in Asia, Hindoos and Egyptians similar; Ancient Persians, First Books of Genesis, Disingenuous conduct in the Translators of the Bible, Abraham acknowledged more than one God; Jewish Trinity; Ancient Jewish Cabala, Sephiroths and Emanations; Melchizedek, Zoroaster, Zendavesta, All ancient Religions astrological; Character of the Old Testament; Orphic and Mithraitic Trinity, Mithra, Opinions of Herodotus, Porphyry, Strabo, Julian, Times of Pythagoras and Zoroaster, The Vedas describe the Persian Religion; The word OM; The Christian Trinity, Its Origin, Philo’s Trinity of the Jews; Life of Cristna; Crucifixion of Cristna, Immaculate Conception, from the History of Pythagoras; Buddha the Sun in Taurus, as Cristna was the Sun in Aries, Names and Meaning of the word Buddha; Isaiah’s Prophecy known to the Egyptians and the Celts of Gaul, Mystical meaning of the Letter M, Oriental Astronomical Systems; Cross the meaning of it, Monograms of Christ and Osiris, Lama of Tibet, Indra crucified, Jesuits’ Account of Tibet; Hercules and Samson the same; Baal, Etymology of the world Bal; Yajna or Passover; Secret Doctrines, Bull-headed and Ram -headed Gods; Disputed Chapters of Matthew and Luke; Flood of Noah, Text of Genesis, Origin of the Delta of Egypt; Adoration of the Virgin and Child; Ionians, Argonauts, Linga and Yoni; The Lotus; The Loadstone, Helen Athena; Ship of Egypt and Greece; Aphrodite and Diana, Thales; Cassandra, Babylonian Mythos, Constantine and Helena, Astrology; Rome, Jewish Pentateuch; Judaism shown by Eusebius to be older than Abraham, Hellenism; Mount of Solomon, Mount of the Cabala, Mount Olympus; Religions of Afghans and Rajpouts; Arabians of India; Jews hate the Female Principle, Jews and Egyptians, Observations on the Jews; Origin of the Sanscrit; Amazons; Cyclopes, all Ancient History Fable or *nigma, Freemasons in Mundore; Serpent of Genesis; Observations on Homer, the Iliad, and the *neid; Fish Avatar, Fish Acrostic; Observations on Templars, Chair of St. Peter, Gospel of St. Joachim, Masons; Freemasons of York and India.

In great numbers of places in the Old Testament, the allegory of trees and letters is referred to. What was the Rod of Aaron which threw out branches or leaves or buds ? What were the magical peeled rods of Jacob Wat has the meaning of the branch from which the stem of Jesse was to arise Was Jesse I-esa ? The Gnostics frequently called Jesus the tree of Life, and the tree itself which grew in the middle of Paradise, and, at other times, a branch. My idea that the fruit of the tree of knowledge was the acquisition of the knowledge of letters without initiation, is supported by the assertion of Enoch, that the wickedness of the world, which caused the flood, consisted in the attempts of men to obtain forbidden knowledge. It is also strengthened by a passage of Proverbs, Chap. iii, 13, 18, where Solomon says, “Happy is the man who findeth wisdom,” – ” She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon here.” I suppose certain of the leaf-names of figures of notation were selected by a society, as a secret system of syllabic writing, after the symbolic system had been long in general practice, and that this society being spread about in different countries, slight differences in the mode of selecting the sixteen letters took place. Thus the religious mythos was not every where described in exactly the same manner ; hence we see the small variation which shews itself between the Hebrew and the Greek.”

1392 pages, Two Volumes: 8 x 10, softback