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Concerning ” Jesus” Prophet Isa Ibn Yusef/Maryiam

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“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” -Pope Leo X (1475-1521)
“When we say that he, Jesus Christ, our teacher, was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding the sons of Jupiter.” -Justin Martyr, “The First Apology of Justin”

“The doctrine of the divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity.” – US President John Adams

Egyptian culture was highly influential in the creation of Judaism and Christianity, both of which carnalized and historicized much of the mythos and ritual in their scriptures. Indeed, many scholars have insisted that the Bible is entirely Egyptian …The entire Christian bible, creation legend, descent into and exodus from Egypt, ark and flood allegory, Israelite history, Hebrew prophecy and poetry, Gospels, Epistles and Revelation imagery, all are now proven to have been the transmission of ancient Egypt’s scrolls and papyri into the hands of later generations.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (266)download (13)

“In reality, Christianity was the product of a multinational cabal composed of members of a variety of brotherhoods, secret societies and mystery schools, and was designed to empower and enrich such individuals and to unify their empire. To do so, these conspirators took myriad myths and rituals of virtually all the known cultures and combined them into one, producing a godman to beat them all.” -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (289-90)

Confucius said, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

The World We have had for the pass 6,000 or so Years was based on a great hidden Truth. The Great Mahdi-Muhammad pulled the cover off of this Great Truth. ALL Praise Is Due To Master W. Fard Muhammad.

The Last Messenger of ALLAH-The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH) gave us the True History of the Man they call ” Jesus ” ( Isa ibn Yusef ) . The Messenger taught what ALLAH-Master Fard Muhammad had taught Him. Concerning Jesus , the Messenger said that Jesus is buried under the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem . And , that this so-called ” Secret” is known to the High Rank Freemasons , The Pope and other Wise People. Here is proof that the White Freemasons do know this , yet they keep the masses fooled , including their ” Black Prince Hall ” Christian Masonic Negro ” Brothers”.


Book Of The Week (3/23/2014) : “New Light From The Great Pyramid”

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  Written in 1893! A True Must Read.

“The Astronomico-geographical System of the

Ancients Recovered and Applied to the Elucidation

of History, Ceremony, Symbolism, and Religion,

with an Exposition of the Evolution from the

Prehistoric, Objective, Scientific Religion of Adam

Kadmon, the Macrocosm, of the Historic,

Subjective, Spiritual Religion of Christ Jesus, the



World War III At Our Door!

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World War III At Our Door!
{4, March 2014}

In The Name Of ALLAH, The Most Merciful,Our Saviour The Great Mahdi;Master W. Fard Muhammad To Whom We Praise, Who IS HERE In Person. And In The Name Of The Last Of The Messengers; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad(May Peace Be Upon Him).
“There is still a cold war in Berlin, between America and Russia and in other parts of Europe, to be reckoned with. EUROPE WILL BECOME A DREADED SPOT when America leaves Asia……..Each, America and Russia, the two most powerful war-factors of the world, seeking to maintain their rule over the nations of the earth, and even to conquer out-space. This will not last long.” —The Fall Of America, page 231.

“EUROPE WILL become one of the worse war areas of ALL the world; MORE DREADFUL than Viet Nam and other places that YOU ARE PLANNING to going into. Asia will look like child’s play when compared to WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN EUROPE.”—-The Fall of America, page 204320314_420206278038899_793021296_n(THE LAST MESSENGER OF ALLAH)

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are about at the end of Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s Book “The Fall Of America”.    Fall of America       Today’s head-lines are the very pages of His Great Book! The first above quote from Fall Of America, points to America’s & Russia’s un-settled “Cold-war” that has now become a HOT-War! Notice that the Messenger said Russia, well when this book was publish in 1973, Russia was called the “USSR” not Russia. The Messenger foresaw the break up of the “Soviet Union” as it was called before it happened. And both Russia & America has been in competition to see who can control and rule Our Earth. Both have fought wars against Islam, both Countries have large Muslim populations, both have proven to be enemies of ALLAH!
The Messenger also warned Europe, that Europe will make Viet Nam look like child’s play when war comes to Europe. We are now, today, seeing this un-folded before Our very eyes. In 1973 the Messenger told Us that America would be kicked out of Asia, and in 1973 America was literally kicked out of Asia (Viet Nam). Mind You, The Messenger said this Before America was re-moved from Asia, further proving that His was indeed the Messenger of ALLAH.
We are nearly at the End of the Messenger’s Book, The Fall Of America, the Messenger Warned Us, and stated “The War: America Cannot Win The Victory”. After this War between America, Russia & China, will come “The Mother Plane”.  1085274060_1384167918   The Fall Of America Book is a step by step guide showing and proving that Master W. Fard Muhammad is ALLAH, & that His Messenger; Elijah Muhammad did not lie!
The other day(1, March 2014) , Ruler of Russia(President Putin) has called The Ruler of America (President Obama) “unstable”. Well, both Men are “unstable”, ALLAH has placed confusion in them and has taken the confusion out of the Black nation, because even an un-learned Black Person knows this is the end of the Western Powers!
The White Race’s time was up in 1914(15,000 on Our Calendar ), now, 100 years have passed (15,100) and We have entered the Days Of ALLAH(2012-2032). The Death Of Satan is just around the corner!!!—-ALLAH-U-AKBAR!!!

The Book ” THE DEATH OF SATAN” ,A Great Saviour’s (Feb. 26) Day Gift !

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As-Salaam Alaikum ! Saviour’s Day is will be here soon. Add this Book to your list of gifts to give your love ones this Saviour’s Day! Get Your Copy Today! Only $15.00 @

securedownload   “The Death of Satan” is a MUST-HAVE for all truth-seekers, muslims, christians, hindus, jews, masons, atheists…

This BIG book features more than 250 pages loaded with information and secret facts which the ruling powers always tried to hide! It is a collection of articles, letters, reports, historical facts and images which all bear witness to the GREAT HIDDEN TRUTH we all should know.

Read about the true history of the Black Nation, white race, America and the world, and how current events are manifesting a universal change.

After reading this book, I found answers to many of the questions I always had in my mind. All I can say is: This book is a mighty weapon in the hands of all true freedom-fighters!”—- Mustapha Amin


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One Of The Reasons For The Palestinian Conflict
By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
May 9, 2011

download (10)

The Muslims MUST remember , that the Whites and near Whites ( so-called ” Arabs ” ) rulers of the Muslim East are NOT Muslims by nature , but by ” faith ” ,and most are members of the Masonic Orders or are Sufis, and work with the Zionist/Jews/Sabbateans , Masonic-American and the Masonic-British as-well-as the French Orient Lodge Masons.—You must remember, those of you who study, that in 1917 the British took hold of Palestine. They saw themselves as “Modern Crusaders”, re-claiming the Holy Land for the “White Knights” (Templars). In fact, this taking of Palestine was the special program of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge(The Four Crowns Lodge) whose Grand Master was King Edward VII when it began in 1886. The inaugurating speech was called “FREEMASONRY AS SEEN IN THE LIGHT OF THE CABALA”, arenot the British “Christians”, so why speak of the Jew’s Cabala? Well, the main program of this Lodge was, PALESTINE, THE JEWISH CABALA, ESTABLISHING A JEWISH HOMELAND AND THE RE-BUILDING OF SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.
As the Holy Qur’an states-”Take not the Jews nor the Christians for friends, as they are friends of one-another” (Holy Qur’an 5:51)–The Great Mahdi-Master W. Fard Muhammad came to prepare us the Black Nation of America for what we are seeing to-day, in this, the Days of Allah. He knew what we needed in the way of understanding, not just in “religion”, but also history, political science but above all THEOLOGY. The Great Mahdi asked the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a question, “Why did we take Jerusalem from the Devil? How long ago?” Mr. Muhammad answered, “Because one of our righteous brothers, who was a prophet by the name Jesus, was buried there…….we took the city from the Devil about 750 years ago.” This was recorded in the early 1930′s, and has been apart of the Muslim educational program of Nation of Islam’s since the 1930′s to to-day. The wise men of the Masonic Order, the Church of Rome and Muslim Scientist KNOW THAT THE BODY OF THE MAN KNOWN AS JESUS IS BURIED IN JERUSALEM!masonicpic1
It is silly for the Christians to believe that Jesus is coming back, and even more silly for Muslim who believe that Jesus “went to heaven whole body and soul”–even the “Orthodox” Muslim Scientist, the late Maulana Muhammad Ali wrote,”…..all mortals, LIVING OR DEAD, must remain on earth, and the belief relating to the ascent of Jesus to the fouth heaven is ERRONEOUS.” As it is writen in the Holy Qur’an 77:25-26 “Have We not made the earth DRAW TO ITSELF THE LIVING AND THE DEAD….”—-The Great Muslim, known to the West as Saladin took the City of Jerusalem on 3, July 1187 with the war cry “Come to death-Templars!”, taking some 30,000 Crusaders to prison. The Templars had control of Jerusalem from 1099, when the Christians killed so many Muslims in the city, that the blood of the victims came up to a man’s knees! Saladin knew of the Templars and the Sufi/Ismalis because in 1176 they had tried to kill him after he had took Egypt from the Ismali cult and restored the true Islamic faith to the people of the Nile.—The White Knights(Templars), Jew/Zionist and the Ismali/Sufi-Arab-Persians never got over Saladin. To-day they fear a “Modern Saladin” coming to the aid of the Muslim World.
download (11)[ The Sword Of Muhammad ]
Now check out the following that Brother Solomon Abdul-Rahaman sent me :
The Anglo-American Establishment

From The Anglo-American Establishment
“One wintry afternoon in 1891, three men were engaged in earnest conversation in London. From that conversation were to flow consequences of the greatest importance to the British Empire and to the world as a whole. For these men were organizing a secret society that was, for more than 50 years, to be one of the most important forces in the formulation and execution of British imperial and foreign policy.
The three men thus engaged were already well known in England. The leader was Cecil Rhodes, fabulously wealthy empire builder and the most important person in South Africa. The second was William T. Stead, the most famous, and probably also the most sensational, journalist of the day. The third was Reginald Baliol Brett, later known as Lord Esher, friend and confidant of Queen Victoria, and later to be the most influential adviser of King Edward VII and King George V.”

Carroll Quigley. The Anglo-American Establishment. 1st ed. 1981. p. 3

Brother, this book, Dr. Quigley said Balfour was a member of a secret group, established by Mr. Cecil Rhodes and, that it’s leader at the time, Mr. Milner wrote the “Declaration” NOT Mr. Balfour.

Supreme Wisdom Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

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{Some the most over-looked books by the Messenger Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Must read books! }


The Death Of Satan By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

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Why This Book Was Written

“The time given to the white man is up and he doesn’t deny it. He preaches it himself. In the Holy Qur’an it says he tries to clear himself of misleading you: ” I did not call them to go astray. I only called them and they came, I am not responsible, they are responsible.” He goes on to show some of the things he did to try to open your eyes. But he knows that you were not to open them up and he couldn’t tell it as strongly as God’s Sent Messenger because by nature he was made to hide the Truth…..The Truth is his Doom, so never go to him looking for it. He was not made of the material. When he was made, he was made a liar and made to oppose Truth and oppose you who believe in it.”—-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)320314_420206278038899_793021296_n

As a Muslim follower of Islam as brought to North America by ALLAH Himself, THE GREAT MAHDI, Who Came In The Person Of Master W. Fard Muhammad, To Who Be Praised , and taught for 44 years (1931-1975) by the Last Messenger Of ALLAH-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), I am duty bound to speak the truth and defend the Faith no matter whom or what. ” The Truth Is The Devil’s Doom”, as stated in the above quote by The Messenger, this is the main reason why I wrote this book . Because for the past 36 years ( 1975-2011) the Great Truth that was being taught to the Black Nation of America , and the World, has been blocked, watered down, mocked and weakened by Satan/Devil (The White Race) and those who follow him, namely the disbelievers and hypocrites who once followed the teachings of the Great Mahdi-Muhammad and His Messenger.

For some 36 years the Lost & Found Nation Of Islam has suffered from the tricknology of the Devils and the Chief Hypocrites ( Ministers who once followed the Messenger) who sold their souls and have made merchandise out of the people. Some of these ” Leaders” have gone so far as to claim to be “God Himself” , One “Leader” has been teaching that the Messenger is physically alive and has become ” The Exalted Christ”, knowing well that this is an outright lie, since the Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught that the Great Mahdi and the ” Christ ” are one the same Person       wallace_3.jpg              ( Master W. Fard Muhammad). Others have laid claim to being a “Messenger” , knowing that the Messenger Elijah Muhammad stated that ” After Me comes God”, and that there was no need of a Messenger or a successor after Him , because He, the Messenger Elijah Muhammad , brought us face to face with God Himself. And , once a Man like the Messenger Elijah Muhammad brought the Black Nation the knowledge of Ourselves, the knowledge of who is God and who is the Devil, it is false to believe and teach the need of someone to come after the Last Messenger Of ALLAH!

On pages 209 and 210 of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad’s last book to the Black Nation, ” Our Saviour Has Arrived” , the Messenger warned the Black Nation about these evil once followers of His and the other sell-out Blacks (Negro leaders) : ” REBELLIOUS LEADERSHIP ” This independent leadership is for self-exaltation. It is written in both Bible and the Holy Qur’an that all want to be their own leader, all want to be shepherds of the people. They want honor for themselves regardless of Allah’s ( God’s ) warning to them to follow His Shepherd Whom He has Chosen…me. They depend upon themselves and they have nothing and they will never be successful. I do not worry about these little self-guides , self-leaders and self-organizations: I WARN THE PUBLIC. YOU ARE HEADED TO BE BURNED IF YOU FOLLOW THESE SELF-STYLED LEADERS. You may say to me, Muhammad, we think you are self-styled. I say to you , calculate on my work. Allah is with me to enable me to do it. If you do not believe that He is , I still say, you should follow a man who is doing what I am doing since you are not able to do it. ”

Not ONE of these Black so-called ” Leaders” inside the Nation Of Islam nor outside the Nation of Islam has done a 10th of what the Messenger Elijah Muhammad was able to do, and do so with less. The Messenger taught science and built a Nation at the same time. Not ONE of these ” Negroes” who call themselves Leader have come close to the work of the Messenger. I wrote this book to help in the cause of Islam, the New Islam, to help guide the younger people and those who seek Truth back to the Teachings of ALLAH and His Last Messenger.”securedownload

Available at:…………